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Being generally cynical when it comes to politicians. I have been able to read between the lines of what most of them utter and what they actually mean, if anything. In my opinion those in power at the time of the 2016 referendum took a gamble believing that it would be a land slide to stay in. Since the result to LEAVE the government machine has done everything it can to derail BREXIT. ...

May's Brexit Betrayal
24 Feb 2019

I'd rather have rainbows and unicorns over the sad bunch of remoaning T@%%ER% we currently have in this country.

I was not aware they could start building until the road had been completed through the assorted developments linking Manor Farm and Sainsbury's. I have had a look on Teignbridge planning and cannot see the decision to start building has been given. Anyone know more?

Move to Dawlish
15 Jan 2019

Honestly I would give Dawlish a miss. In the 15 years I have been here it has just been a steady decline downwards. Exeter is the closest place for decent shopping and jobs and there is next to nothing for kids to do around the town. I would suggest a better move would be to the outskirts of Newton Abott or better still Exeter. Public transport is really bad and the only way to get around is by ...

It would be better if they actually enforced the PSPO's they currently have, before they expand them. The Dawlish PSPO is a joke. There is blatent abuse off  the PSPO and very rarely does anything get enforced.

Old Bastins shop
15 Jan 2019

If it were poundland it would be better than another charity shop or betting shop, wouldn't it?

and then takes off a few minutes later.

Pics taken from over a kilometer away, so a little grainy.

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