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Need my flat roof and balcony replaced. Any decent companies that serve Dawlish?

High Court Case
23 Jul 2019

They never thought the vote would be in favour of leaving, the 'deal' may was handed by the eu was not negotiated it was handed to may to push through the plebs at westminster. More than 17 million voted to get out of the eu crapper. It will be interesting to see how these votes are played at the next ge. If Farage's party results at the eu are anything to go by and boris does not leave in ...

see my post on majorp SEA WALL post

Sea wall
8 Jul 2019

Letter has gone out from network rail to state the following:- re dawlish seawall they will be working 24 hours a day from now until they leave the site on wed 10 july. the work entails preparing bedrock, delivery of concrete, pouring of concrete and grinding of excess concrete. in other words they will be a pain in the arse for anyone living along that section of the front with ...

8 Jul 2019

Already being actioned:-

Feral thugs
18 Jun 2019

Anyone else aware the local gp surgery is now charging £40 for the medical questionaire sent to them by Devon police? Came as a bit of a shock considering the same surgery has not charged a fee for the previous 3 permit medical requests. The shotgun permit is £45 and the police do a lot more work for that amount.

Whilst walking along the sea wall towards Dawlish Warren today. I happened upon, what looked like, the formation of a new campsite in its early stages of development?

Just to let us know that the work will most probably go on through out the holiday season and the beach will be closed off. I would not be suprised if the beach onwards to The Warren from Dawlish gets NO DOGS signs put up for this season. So another holiday season for Dawlish pooped on. Yes, before all the haters start up on this site.....I understand the work needs to be carried out and there ...

Ignorant cyclist putting walkers in danger whilst he cycles along the sea wall between The Warren and Dawlish. On occassion I have confronted those ignorant people who cycle along the sea wall only to be verbally abused and in some cases, if it wasn't for my size, physically assaulted. As long as there is no enforcement dickheads will continue to upset the rest of us, same for a lot of ...

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