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What a load of smoke and mirrors.  Joining the common market many decades ago may have been a good idea, but over the last forty years the common market has and is evovling into what will one day be a dictatorship of all europeans member states. All aspects of all member states will be dictated by the unelected few. Anyone wishing to remain as a member of this corrupt regime, in my opinion, has ...

21 Mar 2019

The petition on getting rid of the licence fee with over 100k was discussed in the clown room and after a while they just decided it was good value for money. Maybe if I was on an MPs salary I would not give a shit either. These internet petitions are just another tool used to make the sheeple think that we live in a democracy, I think not.

Wasn't sure if everyone was aware the signs on the beaches around here have been/are being changed. The old notice allowing dogs on certain beaches usually stopped 1st May each year, now it will be 1st April. Obviously there are parts of certain beaches were people are allowed to walk their dogs all year round, but they are normally the parts where the tide comes in first. Who uses the beaches ...

I doubt it is because he is a car driver! most probably a complete T@aT all the time. He does drive a mercedes, poor bloke.

Never in the history of the U.K. has so much been messed up by so few. wait for the next G.E. Millions more voted OUT at the referendum than voted for the conservatives at the last G.E. Reap what you sow comes to mind.

TALKTALK customer service systems currently down, just spoke with Joan from Pakistan, i believe, and she confirmed their talktalk systems are currently down.

Being generally cynical when it comes to politicians. I have been able to read between the lines of what most of them utter and what they actually mean, if anything. In my opinion those in power at the time of the 2016 referendum took a gamble believing that it would be a land slide to stay in. Since the result to LEAVE the government machine has done everything it can to derail BREXIT. ...

May's Brexit Betrayal
24 Feb 2019

I'd rather have rainbows and unicorns over the sad bunch of remoaning T@%%ER% we currently have in this country.

I was not aware they could start building until the road had been completed through the assorted developments linking Manor Farm and Sainsbury's. I have had a look on Teignbridge planning and cannot see the decision to start building has been given. Anyone know more?

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