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Anyone got eyes on?

I was in Sainsbury's a couple of days ago and I only saw one person without a mask who had an exception badge around their neck and all the shelves were full except the odd one that was being restocked at the time by staff. Also their was a staff member on the entrance counting people in and out. SCAMDEMIC, all Doris is doing is keeping the scaremongering going until the seasonal flu ...

Gays creamery
20 Jul 2021

How many of the public used Gays and as far as the track and trace app decided came into contact with these workers? As usual when you combine the government and nhs with i.t. you geta monumental waste of money and end up everytime with not a three legged donkey, but one with no legs at all.

20 Jul 2021

I wonder if someone testing positive with a pcr/lateral flow test test took 3 tests at the same time would all the results be positive! The pcr test is run at 45 cycles by the nhs, documentd fact by freedom of infomation...look it up for yourself. This is well outside the parameters for the specifications of any result that can be accepted. Lateral flow tests results can be as high as 50 ...

On The Lawn now

Hot paws
17 Jul 2021

On my way back from Sainsbury at Dawlish Warren around 14:00hrs I couldnt but see so many people walking their dogs along the cycle path alongside the road. I doubt these dog walkers would be able to walk barefoot and the black tarmac at that time of day. So many stupid people around these days.

In Dawlish every few years chaps come round with chainsaws and butcher the tree's to within an inch of their lives. From a beautiful tree you end up with a trunk and nothing else. The willow tree's on The Lawn have been systematically butchered every few years as are most of the tree's along the curbsides. Nothing to do do climate change, but how much more money they can screw out of the ...

Virgin cruise ship passing Dawlish on loop from Portsmouth.

@ZIGGY .....just a shame they didnt come out clearer.

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