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Only time she seems interested is when the news camera's come out and then she is there like a fly to! in my opinion.

COVID Boosters
5 Nov 2021

@1263 Bucket    head   advice old chap.

Usual vipers on with their usual snide remarks, nothing changes on this site. As of my remark it still isn't good form to be just throwing the cuttings into a water course.

COVID Boosters
2 Nov 2021

@burneside , the fact that the great vaxxed are at higher risk of catching covid and dying from it compared to unvaxxed in my opinion. I would say that based on the C.D.C definition of a vaccine. The great vaxxed have been jib jabbed but not vaccinated, but what do I where has my 5g tin foil hat gone.....ha, ha, ha, ha.

2 Nov 2021

@1263 In my opinion it is those that have been laughingly vaccinated who are the concern. Those that have lasted nearly 2 years without this unicorn jib jab are, in genneral,  still healthier and have better immune systems. As I have said before wood and trees, time will be the great discloser and at the rate things are unfolding might not be that far into the future, in my opinion.

2 Nov 2021

@Carer ..... I was in hospital for 7 days earlier this year and on the 2nd morning and the 2nd ward I was placed next to a cougher, 4.5 hours later I overheard him being told he had been tested positive for covid and off to the covid ward he went. I was then shipped around different wards for the next 5 days due to the fact I had been in close contact with a covid leper. I was tested with a ...

Just observed contractors on the green area that runs alongside and towards St Greogory's church. Dumping large tree branches they have just cut down into the little stream, over the chain link fence, that runs parallel to the footpath. Seen the same thing all over Dawlish where they cut stuff and then just leave it or dump it further down from where they have been cutting. Bunch of focking ...

31 Oct 2021

In my old age I would rather not have children banging on my door for treats and having eggs thrown at my house or worse if I dont open the door, But alas I put up with it each year because I don't want to have the hassle of spending an hour or so cleaning my windows and car the following day. I have to asked the question..... why would parents allow their children to take sweets off strangers ...

Video in central London and outside the Australian Embassy. In my opinion the only enemies of the state are those m.p's who allow this to continue against all of their own statistical evidence on O.N.S.

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