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Perhaps, like me, people have been deliberately put off using telephone boxes. I had to use one on Exeter St David's Station a few years ago when I left home without my mobile phone and was away for three or four days so really did need it. This was before I had a dongle for my iPad and GWR provided wifi. I entered the phone box with change in hand only to find, due to the limited coinage it would ...

Trump vs Hillary
8 Nov 2016

@Brooklyn Bridge why did you bother posting other than to boast you have dual citizenship? Not sure that is a boast actually! I think yours is the most inane post I have read in a long time!

Just think, if we didn't pay such fat cat salaries we would have decent services and public toilets!

Land next to Lanherne
29 Oct 2016

Was this where some councillors wanted to have a coach park?

I think the sign said no cycling, motor scooters etc but as someone nicked it I can't be absolutely sure.

26 Oct 2016

Just a point of accuracy, mobility scooters are also banned from the seawall following accidents  last year when two came off the wall and landed on the beach in a very short space of time.  Like it or not, the  only safe way to traverse the wall is on foot!

They were used around Dawlish. Some were put at Coryton Cove and some above the cafe on that scubby bit but I believe those above the cafe have been vandalised!! We had them in storage for several months hoping Network Rail would capitulate but eventually they had to be used. I know eight benches doesn't sound much but what a massive difference they would make to visitors and locals in being able ...

23 Oct 2016

Kings Walk is still currently Network Rails responsibility and they refused to allow DTC to put benches along the Walk. I know as I was on the working party that purchased the eight benches at the time. I believe they are trying to get TDC, or it could be DTC, to take over the responsibility for Kings Walk but we get very little information coming out of TDC and DTC so I don't know what has ...

About sums it up DEEDOODLE. We do need a new bandstand but not a carbuncle or armadillo! TDC had earmarked money for one before the ill thought through plans of a small number of councillors, some still serving, were allowed to waste tax payers money. The mess being created in Dawlish is breathtaking and not in a positive way!

Sorry Lynne but Councillor Prowse has been on both DTC and TDC planning for many years and defines herself as expert at councillor level. She was directly instrumental in the increased housing in Secmaton Lane. now blame SWW and take no responsibility herself is unforgivable. Councillors have a responsibility, sadly the old guard just do not seem to get that!!

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