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Let's hope he has to eat his words! WASPI is growing rapidly and now has a huge membership. If you are a woman born in the 50s and don't already belong then please join us now. Log into the WASPI website to find out what is going on and future plans.

I agree. I think a land train between Dawlish Warren and Dawlish, calling in at Sandy Lane car park to pick up and drop off coach drivers, would be a popular attraction and be well used. We just need someone on the town council brave enough to lead on this project and bring it to fruition. The playpark will be a desolate eyesore for at least half of the year.

There is a WASPI day of action on Friday 16th Deptember. Devon WASPI are meeting in Plymouth at Noon and 3pm in Exeter, Princesshay near NEXT. Guest speakers have been invited.

@leatash , your last sentence says it all! at least when there was a proposal to build the slug on the lawn there was a full and open consultation with presentations in various places across the whole parish. people did know about the proposals and far many more than 680 completed questionnaires and voted not to build on the lawn.

10 Sep 2016

You make really valid points DEEDOODLE. When the first questionnaire for the terrible slug on the lawn was presented to council in 2014 those questions too were so biased it took your breath away. Fortunately there were enough bright sparks on the council at the time to realise what a croc they were and the questions were rewritten in order to present residents with a fair representation of ...

10 Sep 2016

@Matt , i suggested this when i was a councillor and was laughed out of the chamber!! so glad someone else thinks it's a good idea. i suggested it as a transport solution for coach parties from sandy lane into town and back and maybe also the warren.

7 Sep 2016

Well let's hope the current councillors don't make a mess of Dawlish as they did with Dawlish Warren in 2001 when they tore down the individual shops and replaced them with the monstrosity we see there today. They stripped Dawlish Warren of its character to create a monster. It has taken the hard work of the traders in the Warren to bring back some of that character but that has taken years to ...

Drunken behaviour
17 Aug 2016

There should be a record of my question and the response from the police representative in the relevant town council minutes but the emails were sent to my personal email address. They were written in a very unpleasant manner; family members were quite concerned at the time but I had the evidence and provided it so was not concerned.

17 Aug 2016

When I ceased being a councillor I deleted everything linked to the role, being mindful of the data protection ACT.

17 Aug 2016

Love the idea of a no parking bollard, where can I buy one?

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