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Drunken behaviour
16 Aug 2016

Oh here we go again! Read my post Mrs C, I did NOT say the report by the Mayor et al was responsible for the decision to return the license!! If you had a brain you really would be even more dangerous than you already are!! To spell it out for you..............the  report from the Mayor was a result of my querying why the Lansdowne got their license back!! Give me strength!!

16 Aug 2016

When I was a councillor I expressed dismay at them getting the late license back as many local residents had spoken to me about the issue. I raised this with the police representative in a council meeting at the time and he promised to investigate. The then Mayor and Deputy Mayor visited the pub and did a report for the council, saying what an important amenity it was for this end of town and it ...

The difference between Teignmouth and Dawlish is that even with a playpark and novelty golf Teignmouth still have a lot of green left for picnicking and kicking the ball around. They simply have much more space than we do in Dawlish.  As we saw this week, the fair took up most of the lawn area, which was fine and thoroughly enjoyed by those who attended, so the only space for families was behind ...

12 Aug 2016

Time will tell.

12 Aug 2016

Well unless the new COUNTRY park is in TOWN then I think it is pretty obvious there will be some impact!

Thanks Lynne, have been researching WASPI and have now contacted them.

Well I don't understand why the area can't be named until contracts are signed. They were happy to name Warren Farm and threaten a compulsory purchase order. And I do agree with Lynne, there are mixed messages. The traders want as many people as possible visiting the Warren. An upgraded visitor centre will attract, and quite rightly so. Dawlish traders are ...

11 Aug 2016

We will just have to wait and see as TDC are being so secretive. 106 money is still money for public use and the public should know up front what TDC plan for their area. But, naturally, Mrs C will disagree with anything I say!

Lynne is correct and has identified the reasons why the changes are inherently unfair, particularly the speeding up of the process. The vast majority of women caught up in this either worked part time, or not at all for periods, whilst they brought up children so did not build up an occupational pension in the same way a man did, but there is no recognition of this by the government.

Excellent point Lynne. Obviously they make the rules up as they go along to suit themselves. I am glad Farmer Week's land and livelihood are safe but the secrecy around the chosen site has a nasty whiff to it. However, it will all be revealed eventually, when the taxpaying public can do nothing about it!

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