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Very good point Ken, which I will incorporate into my letter to AMM et al. Thank you.

I was told today that for the fat cat salary Ms Bulbeck earns she only works FOUR dayas a week!! Nice work if you can get it!. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

Great photographs, thank you.

It's been a fiasco from the start. The toilets should never have been closed in the first place given the large numbers of visitors using the car park. They were sacrificed for Sandy Lane toilets so a few dog walkers could go to the loo!

Thanks Lynne, the comments at the end of the story sum the position well.  I know Ellen is also doing a piece for Dawlish Gazette as well. Still to do my letter but I WILL get it done.

12 Nov 2016

Thanks Gary, that is exactly what I thought! I will be putting a 'model' letter together tomorrow to send to AM, TDC, the PM DoT, NWR and any one else I can think of. If anyone wants a copy then please private message me and I will send you a copy. Remember to change a few words and personalise it. We have to fight this as once again the SW is being downgraded, left behind, treated as a Cinderella ...

12 Nov 2016

Thanks for the info Lynne. The two trains an hour were based on us getting the 'new' second hand rolling stock as part of the electrification upgrade. We now know that work has been curtailed but don't know whether that will have an impact on our line getting the new stock. If we don't get it then the two trains an hour will not happen. We lost the SouthWest trains service beyond Exeter a ...

Perhaps, like me, people have been deliberately put off using telephone boxes. I had to use one on Exeter St David's Station a few years ago when I left home without my mobile phone and was away for three or four days so really did need it. This was before I had a dongle for my iPad and GWR provided wifi. I entered the phone box with change in hand only to find, due to the limited coinage it would ...

Trump vs Hillary
8 Nov 2016

@Brooklyn Bridge why did you bother posting other than to boast you have dual citizenship? Not sure that is a boast actually! I think yours is the most inane post I have read in a long time!

Just think, if we didn't pay such fat cat salaries we would have decent services and public toilets!

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