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15 Dec 2016 11:40

This will represent a 1.4% pay rise. It will take effect from April 2017.

Earlier this year they had a pay rise of 1.3%.

Two years ago they had a 10% pay hike. 


Public sector workers such as nurses, firefighters, teachers, police have been limited to 1% pay rises for four years. 

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15 Dec 2016 23:57

Just as well they are looking to reduce their numbers by 50 then. 

16 Dec 2016 15:34

Parliament is no longer fit for purpose, as like the dinosaurs, it should have died out long ago with all its old boy handshakes.

How many mp's actually reflect and demonstrate the views of their constituencies in parliament, not a lot I expect.

mp's salary should be performance related to how well the represent and push the needs and requirements of their constituents through parliament. Not just paid extorniate amounts of money, just because, they feel they deserve it.

Parliament needs a new build not a refurbishment and a good long defestation of all the pest's and parasites that frequent its lavish accomodations.

It's like driving a Ford model T in the 21st century, it just does not meet the needs of the user for the modern day.

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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
17 Dec 2016 22:40

£76,000 plus expenses, let's not forget the expenses!! Are they really worth this salary? 

18 Dec 2016 06:32

Before the twentieth century, members of parliament were unpaid as it was assumed they would have another income. The first regular salary was £400 per year, introduced by the Parliament Act of 1911. Some subsequent salary levels were £1000 in 1946, £3250 in 1964, £11,750 in 1980, and £26,701 in 1990. The increases in MPs' basic salaries since 1996 have been:

Increase date

Basic salary

Jan 1996


Jul 1996


Apr 1997


Apr 1998


Apr 1999


Apr 2000


Apr 2001


Jun 2001


Apr 2002


Apr 2003


Apr 2004


Apr 2005


Apr 2006


Nov 2006


Apr 2007


Nov 2007


Apr 2009


Apr 2010


Apr 2013


Apr 2014


Jul 2015


From April 2015, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority recommends that pay be increased to £74,000 per annum, "indexed to changes in average earnings in the whole economy thereafter".


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