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4 hours ago

Info here about the UK trading on WTO terms in the event of a No Deal brexit

7 hours ago

Theresa May to face leadership challenge

1. between Tiverton Parkway and Taunton and 2.  between Ivybridge and Totnes See Cllr Prowse about 28 mins into this video of last week's town council meeting.

Just been looking at the video of last week's town council meeting click here presentation concerning the carnival is made at the beginning of the meeting ending with an appeal direct to the camera at around 11 mins in.

yesterday at 17:15

@majorp - Yes I agree all governments depend on businesses. The problem for the UK and the EU is how to protect businesses and at the same time have the UK leave the EU and at the same time have no hard border on the island of Ireland. That dilemma is what Theresa May is trying to resolve. It would be exactly the same dilemma whoever was the prime minister or whichever party was in power. ...

yesterday at 13:20

I don't see that it will be for business to decide. If we leave with a No Deal and thus go onto WTO rules and regulations businesses both sides of the channel will be negatively impacted.   BUT WTO rules will be the rules. Which is why neither the EU or the UK want a No Deal situation. * But........... * although hard line Brexiteers seem not to have a problem with such a scenario ...

yesterday at 12:44

Re trade with EU countries post Brexit if no deal. As I understand the situation we will then go on to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. This would involve tariffs and custom checks. So therefore there will be delays at ports such as Dover and Calais. Which is why on both sides of the channel stockpiling measures have been, and are, taking place. This country imports about 50% of it ...

and there are presently some 60 plus job vacancies at the RDE NHS Foundation Trust Devon Exeter Nhs Foundation Trust

1 week ago

I was just looking at the number of job vacancies with Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust advertised @ today's date (58 vacancies in total) when I came across this. For obvious reasons I thought I would put it on this website, and on a new thread, so as to help advertise it. (spelling errors/typos in advert are not mine!) Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Dawlish ...

Devon council boss warns over Brexit nursing care shortages

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