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Here's the link to the DM article, it really does illustrate the lunacy of the LibDumbs.

Climate Change
3 weeks ago

There's an awful lot of coulds in that copy and paste job, what is the source?

23 Mar 2024

There's none so blind as those who will not see.

23 Mar 2024

@1263 Unfortunately, I know only too well from personal experience about the illness and death the “vaccines” are causing.  Why do you think the much-heralded Oxford-AstraZeneca shot was very quietly withdrawn and is never mentioned now?  Because it caused blood clots and people were dying, that’s why.  The number of excess deaths in this country, and across the world, has skyrocketed in the ...

22 Mar 2024

You could lump the covid "vaccine" in with this scam.

The EU Superstate
2 Mar 2024

He's not wrong.

Has there ever been a single NHS GP practice that has turned private and denied "free" healthcare to its patients?

9 Oct 2022

It's a private GP practice, not NHS.  Private GP healthcare is available to anybody who doesn't want to use the NHS.

3 Oct 2022

On the evidence of two old women doing their shopping you've concluded that the NHS is going to start charging for its services at the point of use?


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