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Dawlish Celebrates
17 May 2013

That's because we have to subsidise our colonial cousins ;-p But on the plus side, we don't have to pay 250k for a hip replacement :-D

Last chapter(s) of a trip down school meal memory lane. With 4 mini chapters about the desserts with my recipes for the much loved? puddings we had in the 60's and 70's Remember to become a blog follower to recieve notification of new blogs, bookmark it and ust visit every Friday for new posts and recipes (=[:-D ...

@HuwMatthews2 - wow! that's an awesome relative to have! (i've been researching & documenting my own family tree this last year) any chance of a name, so i might make mention of her in my blog? .... in a totally flattering way of course. @flo - my research shows 1968 for secondary school kids and 1971 for juniors. the latter care of maggie t who was the education minister at the time ...

16 Feb 2013

Did you 'suffer' pink custard and sago with jam as a kid? Maybe this will bring back some happy memories for you?

Many thanks all. I will miss Dawlish. Despite the nay sayers, it is still a jewel of a place ..... especially when you see the crime rate, standard of living etc elsewhere. One of the highlights has been the well brought up youngsters here. Thumbs up to all those "old fashioned valued" parents out there! Self websites seem to be a thing of old, and costly. So in place of I have started a new ...

13 Feb 2013

Hi all Sadly I am off; leaving delightful Dawlish. I have been offered a senior lecturing position out of the area, starting next month. I thought I was here to stay, and was looking forward to fully retiring here. But, I'm off on a new culinary adventure Many, many thanks for all your support, kindness & friendship over the last year. But, for the foodies out there, you can catch ...

Happy Pancake Day!
12 Feb 2013

A quick and simple recipe can be found at my food blog

Talked to a worker there last night and he told me, it was just the usual rumour mill at work. He said it has and expects to continue with a large revenue and is staying open regardless

Chef wanted?
9 Jan 2013

@Andysport - good to see you survived the quakes, wekas, wetas and pies! are you down here full time now? I will put my thinking cap on and design something up. Must arrange a visit out, to check out facilities, kitchens etc kia ora bro, churrrr ;-)

8 Jan 2013

@flo - have contacted, so will keep you posted Ooooops again - cancel that. Thier website message service wont let me submit my message. Hmmmm, I wonder if they realise why they don't get any emails via thier website?

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