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6 days ago

Thank you for your concern @majorp and for your supportive comment @Scapegoat . Yes I have been ill but am now getting better. However, whether or not I shall continue to post on this website I cannot say. Only time will tell.

Click on this link to find out more about WTO terms of importing/exporting which is what the UK will  fall back on if there is a hard brexit. Info is useful for all of us not just those running import/export businesses.

The same could be said about those who think the USA is such a great place. But if I were to do as you suggest at least I wouldn't be a hypocrite. Unlike that Leave campaigner and ex Tory chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, who has taken up residency in France.

6 Jan 2019

"The same regions that suffered most in the 1980s will be hit hardest by Brexit. You could say that Wales, the north and the Midlands consented to sado-Brexitism when they voted to leave in 2016. Yet the right did not promise them a spanking in the referendum. On the contrary, it gained their consent on a false promise that leaving the EU would bring prosperity and restore lost greatness. ...

6 Jan 2019

Jobs losses. Fall in the value of the pound (which increases the cost of imports and we import about 50% of our food). Tariffs because of WTO rules (which means businesses will be spending money on tariffs and the bureaucracy attached to all of that instead of investing that money in expansion and jobs.) We may presently be net contributors to the EU but when we leave by Christ will we be the ...

5 Jan 2019

Not forgetting of course that because of devolution within the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and to a certain extent Wales also have their own legislature.

5 Jan 2019

Thank you Burneside for pointing out the UK has, and has had, control of much of its own legislation whilst being a member of the EU.

This link will take you direct to the Partnership Pack

"It only takes one person to stand up to a bully". So the UK will stand up to that bully who is presently in the White House?

In his column in the latest edition of the Dawlish Gazette, Mel Stride, the MP for Central Devon, gives some advice re a no deal Brexit for those businesses who trade with the EU. This is what he says: In the event of a no deal Brexit and “ you are a business trading with the EU27 then you need to start taking action now. Register for an EORI number (this is for customs ...

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