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more info here: Read Customer Reviews of Before You Buy › fibrenest-com Absolute disgrace of a company. Do not use. If I could give less than 1 star I would. Despite their claims on their website that they guarantee connection ... Persimmon Homes Criticised Over FTTP Broadband ... › index.php › ...

I'll tell you what I think. Which is  -  that if that playing field were to be given the go ahead to be developed for housing, then the knock on effect would be to enhance any arguments that all other land put up for development in the immediate area should also be given the go ahead.  That would mean, for example, most of the (presently) open fields immediately adjacent to the Countryside Park ...

4 days ago

Just done a quick check. The only TDC owned land that I can find along Orchard Lane is the children's playground (but it's not that site - see above quote from Cllr Wrigley) and a playing field a bit further up. Is it the playing field? Also checked the land put forward for consideration for development along Orchard Lane. And yes, the playing field is there. So I guess the site of the playing ...

4 days ago

Orchard Lane runs off the A379 at St Mary's Cottages and up the hill with the Dawlish Countryside Park to its south. In the recent Local Plan Review, showing land being considered for development, there was/is a fair chunk of land running up the hill on the country park side of Orchard Lane being considered. On the other side of the lane, and further up, land comprising Amity Farm was/is under ...

This planning application is on the agenda at the TDC Planning Committee meeting being held next Tuesday (19th Oct.) Dawlish Town Council recommended refusal. TDC planners recommending approval.

Anyone else catch this morning's Rip Off Britain programme? Had a feature concerning Persimmon home buyers not at all happy with their broadband provision. Here's the link - starts about 33 mins into programme. ;

From the minutes of the Dawlish Town Council meeting held 1.9.21. County Cllr Martin Wrigley reported that: " The decision to proceed with the link road had been implemented and work was now underway to compulsory purchase the land required to affect the construction of such;"

Sellers from 9am - Cars £6 online in advance/ £8 on the day. Vans £8 online in advance/£10 on the day Buyers from 10am - free admission Just follow the signs from Powderham Farm Shop car park

Just a reminder

Just travelled back across country from Kent. Kept seeing long queues at petrol stations. Long queues at Sainsbury's petrol station as I write this.

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