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Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2015

I just wonder how many armchair do gooders are there on this site? How about this for an idea how many of the people of Dawlish would allow a refugee camp to be put on the Lawn huh. I for one no..... Come on with some feedback on that point.

7 Sep 2015

My ten cents worth . I do think that the British people have through history stuck it's head in the sand hoping a problem would just go away until it's to late, that's our culture that's our DNA for good or bad. These migrants/refugees call them what you wish. To Islam we are the Infidels and should be wiped of this Earth if you think not then that is your choice. The Muslim world will not ...

22 Jul 2015

Does anyone know about a public meeting at the Manor Re: alcohol on the Lawn I heard it was going to be on August 5th but I could find nothing on the council website can anyone confirm or not. Thanks,%20UK&ordering=decade While looking at this BFI site the movies on here will take you back to what where the good old days. I had just finished watching about glorious Devon. You can even search for other locations as well. Find the town or city ...

Free firewood
4 Jul 2015

First come first served we have firewood just come and pick it up. Call first make sure it's still here. Childrens Charity Shop opposite the co-op on the Strand. 01626 889938.

Sea Wall
4 Jun 2015

Does anyone know when the sea wall is going to be open. Seems to be different opening dates. In my opinion it's taking way to long, yes I understand that the weather plays a part in this. The February storms that caused so much damage was repared in just over 2 months end of June I think. Now here we are one year later. Just asking.

Domestic Violence
9 May 2015

I was told that the two black female swans are not to be let out onto the Brooke for fear of the two remaining male swans may attack and maybe kill them. The two females are still incarcerated in the pen here's hoping that thier parole will be up soon.

I have just been to vote at The Manor Dawlish. As this has been my first time voting in the UK for 30 years I found it to be very easy, however some strange points on my observation of voting here. 1. They checked my voting card and checked me of the list. 2. I asked if they needed ID to which they replied NO. 3. I did ask why no ID was required, to which a blank look was my answer. ...

Sea Wall
8 Apr 2015

I to am looking with forward to walk to the Warren again it sure has been missed. Question, what is it with the ugly half girders with wire running through it, are they to remain. I hope not.

So here we go again. It is obvious that Lynne and JC know each other and it's also very obvious there is bad blood between them. As Lynne stated she knows who JC is. So why do they use this forum to continue thier fued with each other as it becomes so unnecessary. If I had to make a choice between these two warring factions my vote would go to Lynne. I know that taking sides is somewhat ...

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