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Thought cycling was booming so how come Biker Bob is closing up. Looks like aother miss-calculation by the clowns at DCC and TDC who have spent £millions of tax payers money on unused cycle paths. Dont know of any marsh barton car dealers closing down so maybe we will see the roads improved soon.

Well due to the fact that nothing was done about the above post. Its happened again, behind closed doors secret meeting £250,000 redundancy payoff to two Teignbridge councillors. This is our money these people are giving away and nothing gets done about it. Jeremy Christophers is the council leader and he needs to be sacked over this but how?

@Lynne Lynne give it a rest will you. You know dam well what goes on yet every time somebody posts something your response is always the same and unfortunatly its becoming boring to read. Unlike yourself we dont all have time to scrutinise every bit of news, council minutes, public web pages, etc

7 Jul 2018

@DEEDOODLE . Well said and abosolutly spot on. These housing developers just use their massisve profits made by selling their poor quality wooden huts to offer back handers to councils in order to buy out of their requirement to provide a percentge of affordable housing and or infastructure facilities. What the buyers of these new type properties seem to fail to understand is that unless they ...

Cant comment further as the freedom of speech is one of the casualties already. As said wake up and look at whats happening in our major cities also enlighten yourselves with news reporting other than that of the major media companies all of which are being sensored by government officies

2 Jul 2018

As I said wake up. You liberal snowflakes wont be able to hide behind ignorance when we have to fight to regain our freedoms

2 Jul 2018

Always play the discrimination and racists cards in order to divide pubic opinion and attract attention. Come on people wake up to whats going on in this country.

Absolute dribble spouted by ardent remoaners. You think the supermarkets especially the EU based ones like Spar. Lidle and Aldi are just going to sit there looking at empty shelves. Get real their supply network is already geared up for a no deal Brexit. Bring it on and make our country great once more

Would it be fair to say that the leader of TDC and other senior post holders should be forced to resign or be sacked over their attempted cover up of the amount paid to Nicola Bullbeck for her to leave. Having faced an above inflation rise in council tax it seems we the residents of Teignbridge are now having to pay for this.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
15 Mar 2018

@Diana Mond - shame you dont go and join them then if crimebrook is so good, perhaps then you could spout your nonesense on their local  web pages instead of ours. i might not be such a nice person but i dont change my posting name every three months due to repeatedly being blocked