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Oh to have had a camera with me. I've just passed said telegraph pole and there for all to see was a herring gull perched on top of the owl's head.

I think Gary the G might be giving them a run for their money in terms of being the town's 'most recognisable feature and major tourist attraction' .

and there are presently some 60 plus job vacancies at the RDE NHS Foundation Trust Devon Exeter Nhs Foundation Trust

5 days ago

I was just looking at the number of job vacancies with Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust advertised @ today's date (58 vacancies in total) when I came across this. For obvious reasons I thought I would put it on this website, and on a new thread, so as to help advertise it. (spelling errors/typos in advert are not mine!) Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, Dawlish ...

Devon council boss warns over Brexit nursing care shortages

6 days ago

There are 12,000 non-UK EU health and social care staff in Scotland and 60,000 such NHS staff in England. In 2015, the UK had a net gain of 3,000 nurses from the EU, but by 2017 this had dropped to a net loss of more than 1,000 nurses per year. Given the NHS has 100,000 staff vacancies and the number of UK trained nurses are declining by 1000 a year, it’s hard to see how Brexit will help ...

1 week ago

1½ weeks ago

"Within England’s NHS services, EU nationals make up almost 10 per cent of doctors, more than 7 per cent of nurses and 5 per cent of scientific, therapeutic and technical staff. Almost 10,000 EU workers had already left the NHS when NHS Digital released its 2017 data last autumn. “If none of the EU citizens were [in my hospital], I can say without any exaggeration: you could absolutely close ...

1½ weeks ago

@majorp I thought this country didn't have any money to spare ( and purleease do not start on about Brexit dividend tosh).  And note the last two paragraphs of my post above.

1½ weeks ago

From the link I've given above. Experts have predicted it will cost an estimated £3bn to £5bn, and it is unclear whether the UK will get back the £1.2bn it sunk into the Galileo project. Sky News reported on Thursday that government plans to build Britain's own system could hit the buffers because other countries have already claimed signal space. Bleddyn Bowen, an ...