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That’s standard wording used on all agenda items. Do you have any suggestions for reducing air pollution in Dawlish? Making it a car-free zone perhaps?

If that were the case, then the EU would be desperate to do a deal with us. You lot don’t seem to understand that there’s no going back on Brexit; the EU don’t want us to stay because we cannot stay. The fact that we’ve got Tories that are unable to negotiate a deal is where the problem lies

Great photos Ziggy.

You don’t know anything about parkrun do you?

1 Mar 2018

This would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing Lynne.

Pics 23 02 2018
28 Feb 2018

I wonder why nothing was said to the driver by the photographer?

Pics 22 02 2018
25 Feb 2018

Does the land where the rubbish lies belong to Network Rail? Maybe someone needs to create an online petition?

The CoT has the same opinion as the Dawlish public. They want a playpark on the Lawn.

23 Feb 2018

I blame the cyclists...

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