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Fair does, however certain vocal locals were previously insisting on a local referendum on this matter, but seem to have gone quiet in that respect. Now they seem to be relying on rallying family and friends to their cause, no doubt with a view to saying that the result of their communications means that they speak for “the people”.

15 Apr 2018

You’re being very defensive Lynne. Ms Mawhood clearly wants her missive to be sent to like-minded people - which is fair enough, and standard in any campaign - but there’s no way that I’ll be sending my perspective to her. Which is surely my prerogative.

15 Apr 2018

Well the wording of her communication, (to which select group of people was this sent, I wonder?), leaves us in no doubt as to which side of the fence she sits on. My opinions will therefore be forwarded to someone on this working party who I'd have more trust in to put forward (rather than file away) my personal views.

Ignore Jools, everyone else does. My recommendation is - not used them myself, but friends have and were delighted.

Like you say Will, it’s a work in progress and I look forward to revisiting this in the near future. In the meantime here’s a link to the Environment Agency’s most recent newsletter about the flood relief project:

11 Apr 2018

Welcome back Margaret.

10 Apr 2018

Willkilner clearly has no idea about the work currently taking place at Cockwood and along the Exe estuary. Once completed, there will be little visible difference at Cockwood, however homeowners and businesses will be far safer from the rising waters caused by global warming. The ‘Cove Cafe’ will be back up and running at a Coryton very soon, now that they’ve been awarded the contract to ...

Lynne, you’re confusing the sad Mondeo imposter with my good self.

Completely agree with the sentiments expressed in both posts above. Sad news about our beloved swans - what is the matter with people who think that letting their dogs run riot is acceptable??

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