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22 Mar 2018

I don't want to poop on anyone's parade, well may be morty's, but bird watching and children seldom make for a quiet and tranquil bit of bird watching.... am I wrong? A snippit of the sort of money m.p's can make above and beyond their m.p's salary..e.g. Osborne 2016.

At a time when the people of Teignbridge are being told that there is little money for essential services. This after the councils purchase of the Newton Abbot shopping centre for £13 million and now £30 million to be invested in Newton Abbot over the next few years. It doesnt look like the rest of Teignbridge is getting a fair share from the council. The 11 major projects that will ...

Increase in rates and the town council are asking for volunteers to help in resolving the matter. priceless.

Nice pics of the snowmen/women, uh...snow people.

Just a bit of info. If you have Homecare from British Gas with your boiler etc and you are not a 'at risk category', elderly, vulnerable, baby in the house. The soonest appointments currently are from Thursday onwards but without an a.m./p.m. advisement.

Barely make out the church in the middle of the pic.

Lycra, middle to old age from my experience of these white van driver's on their day off.

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