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18 Jun 2021 14:39

Just got back from a few days in Cornwall.

Boy was it biz -zee. Lots and lots of people.

Gawd knows what it will be like during the school summer holidays.

Not at all surprised that there has been a surge in Covid cases in the county with cases having rocketed from a reported 5.6 per 100,000 to 59.8 per 100,000 within a 7 day period.  


3 Agrees
19 Jun 2021 15:02

The cases have gone up because of the large increase in pcr  tests which have been proven to be highly inaccurate at the 45 cycles the nhs use.

It is nothing to do with more people moving around the counrty.

It is just a casedemic being used by the government to keep us in a state of restictions and renew their emergency powers for what is to come from them in 3 and 4th quarter this year, in my opinion.

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