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Politicians just can't win can they?  If they ask for an opnion then they're being intrusive and nosy, if they don't ask then it means they don't care!  It's better to be asked for an opinion, then choose not to give it than not to be asked at all.

23 Mar 2014

I'm very happy!  At last they've given us control over how we manage our pensions, which means I'll finally be able to retire six months earlier than previously planned.  (I'm over retirement age but still working part time.)

I'd like to see a really good deli, and a fish shop, also a book shop (which could double up as an internet cafe).   A wool / craft shop would also be good to have. It would be a lot busier if it didn't have so many charity shops all competing with each other.  You need more variety if you want to encourage more shoppers.

Thanks, Brazilnut, I'll give it a go.

You don't have to be rich to enjoy a cup of coffee! Don't blame the shops for not having the paving done, it was their landlords decision, but it's a shame some of them opted out.

Hmmm, unfortunately, many residents of Brooklands still have no TV reception!  I hope they get it sorted soon.  Is anyone else still affected?

I love the new look Strand. The tables outside Ryders and the display outside the flowershop next door really brighten up that part of the steet, and  the tables outside the Ugly Duckling are a great idea. I'd love there to be tables outside the other cafes, to encourage a cafe culture.  I'd love to see tubs of flowers outside shops (there's lots of space outside the betting shop, the ...

Moving to Dawlish.
8 Jun 2013

Dawlish, it's a great place to live.  I have a good job in Exeter with an easy 25 minure commute to work along a scenic road.  We have a supermarket and the town centre is starting to look great after its revamp.  There's a Blue Flag beach and walking on Dartmoor isn't far away.  Haldon Forest is within easy reach.  And we have a great city, Exeter, on our doorstep with all its work, leisure and ...

I thought it was just two spaces to be used for Taxis, and outside the cafe, not the launderette.

Carnival 2013
22 May 2013

I'd be very grateful if the Carnival people would update their website and Facebook page.  I have family who are visiting for a few days this summer and they'd like to be able to plan their visit around whatever Carnival events are on. They'd also like to know whether the fair will be here this year and, if so, when