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Please can anyone recormmend  a person in or near Dawlish that can M.O.T and maybe Repair a Laptop for an Elderley Person. Thanks.

New Cycle Lane Signs
25 Oct 2018

Need to do the same at Lanherne which is very busy, bikes don't stop and look to see any cars coming out of Lanherne.

the snooky fest
3 Sep 2018

He or She will soon be back with a new name.

Hope Gary has lot's of fun tonight in the parade.

7 Aug 2018

Just get a life,  it;s great for Dawlish, I hope lot's of people will see this in the Press and T.V and come to Dawlish and have fun. Good Luck.

3 Aug 2018

Webmaster can you please put a STOP to the highjacking of threads. I know people that used to like reading the threads and sending in new ones. One Lady said it's no point sending new threads it will only be highjacked.

Good luck to the new owners.

25 Jul 2018

Morrison Teignmouth is now open from 6am - 11pm six days a week, Sunday 10am - 4pm and it's doing Home Delivery to Dawlish. At 6.30am today the shop was fully stocked. So it's goodby to Waitrose.

The Barton Eyecare Ltd, has three Directors Dr Clemens, Dr Whitehead and Stephen Mccluskey, So when you go and see a GP in the Surgery and need an eye test where do you get sent to. We still have a  very good Optician in the Strand .

Clean Air
10 Jul 2018

My parter has Asthma and We have a Weekend home on Exmore and don't have to use her inhaler with the clean air, and as soon as we come back to Dawlish Exeter Road she has to use the inhaler a lot.