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General Discussion

03 Aug 2018 14:48

Webmaster can you please put a STOP to the highjacking of threads.

I know people that used to like reading the threads and sending in new ones.

One Lady said it's no point sending new threads it will only be highjacked.sadsadsad

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03 Aug 2018 17:23

It is not in the least unusual for threads to wonder off the original topic - that is what discussions do.

This thread for example    is about the proposed playpark on the lawn and the public consultation. However, at one point (see postings dated (25.7.18) it wondered off topic. 

It then went back to the original subject - and so far has stayed there.


and then on this thread orignally, and for the most part, about lycra clad cyclists there is post dated 8.5.18 concerning buying things online including Pontefract teacakes. What has the buying of Pontefract teacakes online got to do with lycra clad cyclists?   

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