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All of us who work in the lobbying and campaigning sector will continue to campaign against these new benefits.

Benefit Cap
17 Jul 2013

The benefit system was introduced to be a stop gap for people who fell on hard times but it was never meant to be used  long term. I myself had to use the benefit system many years ago (working tax credit) for a period of time and it was a lifeline for me while I was struggling to get back on top of things.   I completely agree with people using it support them through difficult times, I ...

We went today fab shop, reasonably priced and fantastic produce.  The guys serving were great really enjoyed the visit and will definately buying from there every week.

The Strand
17 Jun 2013

The Council paid for the hanging baskets.

Dawlish Celebrates
27 May 2013

Yes well done the British Legion and Alec yesterday was fantastic was most impressed with Alec and Shirley doing gangham style dance.

Universal Benefits
13 May 2013

Hearing about the lady that committed suicide was heartbreaking we can only hope that the Government will look at the implementation of this again and create a system that has flexibility for such cases as this.  This lady had lived in her house for 18 years it is so sad. is a good website for jobs my daughter got a job through this website.  Job Centre Plus in Newton Abbot is a good place to visit.  The Dawlish Library do a job club on a Wednesday morning which is run by the Dawlish Water Rotary.  Corp Data in Teignmouth is a good place to ring up they were looking for staff.

Universal Benefits
30 Apr 2013

You are absolutely right  it is not going to be easy and I am not sure how it will impact on the vulnerable people that need the benefits but view this as one more hurdle to get over.  I know that some of the people I represent would probably be put off applying for certain benefits because of it having to apply online, some because they have no computer some because they are not confident using a ...

29 Apr 2013

Mr Duncan Smith said the new universal credit system was being implemented over four years because "I want to get these things right". Under the new universal credit, six working-age benefits - income-based jobseeker's allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, income support, child tax credit, working tax credit and housing benefit - will be merged into one. He said: "We ...

From the papers over the weekend Benefits for Pensioners Iain Duncan Smith said the wealthy elderly have a choice as to whether to hand back some of their benefits. Wealthy elderly people who do not need benefits to help with fuel bills, TV licences or free travel should return the money, the work and pensions secretary says. Iain Duncan Smith told the Sunday Telegraph he would ...

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