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Paul's Posts

President Trump threatens EU over Brexit treatment of UK: 'Let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you'. Thank you President Trump. The United States helps us fight European tyranny again.

Dodgy colder callers
11 Apr 2019

You may have received a leaflet in the post about buying gold, silver & collectables. It says 'Hello my name is Thomas Frederick Ash. ... ' They knocked on my mums door yesterday asking to buy her jewellery. My mum has a no cold calling sticker on her door. My mum is now scared they will come back. I have contacted 101 to make them aware and hopefully they can put a stop to this. ... Remainer May strikes again. The country voted out but now we have to take part in EU elections. 73 Brexiteers MEPs are on their way to Brussels.

The EU has gone way beyond cooperation. They interfere with internal affairs of countries. No need for any of that. If the EU was so great we would want to stay in. However we want out and voted out and that is why we are leaving. Trust was given to the British people and we made the correct decision.

10 Apr 2019

Leaving the EU will save us Billions a year. Don't care about Turkey or the EU. No one other than ourselves should have sovereignty over us. Why would we submit to being in the German controlled EU? Britain is a great nation, we will do great once we don't have the EU holding us back.

10 Apr 2019

Oh yeah, good point, come general election time we'll hopefully get rid of the lot. Looking forward to that. Currently we are stuck with a dictator, who keeps saying we are leaving but then goes begging to the Germans and French to allow us to stay in. May has let us all down by her actions and made the country look pathetic.

10 Apr 2019

Well 52% is enough or it was back when the UK was a democracy.

10 Apr 2019

The EU referendum was the only just thing to do. We all hate the EU and have done for decades.

10 Apr 2019

We should leave with no deal and have no border in Ireland. The UK is ok with that, as is the WTO, only the EU want a border. The EU have affectively been threating us with problems associated with an Irish border, which shows the EU's true colours. What do we get from May's deal? The backstop, the £39B bill. Leaving with no deal is the BEST deal. Let's get the hell OUT!

9 Apr 2019

Well I agree we should just leave. But May's deal is so bad we can't go for it. The backstop says that if the border solution between Northern Ireland and Ireland isn't working the UK has to rejoin the EU 'temporarily' to prevent a hard border. Which means we couldn't really do deals with other countries around the world since the deals would be meaningless and any deal could be broken. ...