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It was Nigel Farage that made David Cameron give us the EU referendum due to the popularity of UKIP. We all owe Nigel a lot for rescuing the country. It's a shame that May is the most useless negotiator in history.

No, I haven't read the plans. I just know my learned pals on here would have all the answers. Yep a steel container sounds bad. The one thing the people had was equality online. The SELFISH bast*rds didn't like that and have now tripped the scales in their favour. Just another mechanism to make them even richer and us poorer. What a sad day.

Why did 58 people object?

Lovely photos.

The Fair
31 Aug 2017

Maybe it should be there more often.

Who said anything about wanting a nuclear war? The US should bomb (USING CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS) all military sites to destroy whatever capability they currently have and hopefully kill Kim with a strike on some 'palace'. If we leave it, then we WILL have a nuclear war. We will be in serious trouble if they are given the time to develop intercontinental nuclear missiles. The North Koreans have ...

10 Aug 2017

I'm not sure The US should wait until North Korea is fully capable of hitting the US mainland before they take action. Need to consult with the Russians and Chinese as they are neighbours about using conventional weapons to bomb military bases and wherever the idiot Kim is. Then do it very soon.

10 Aug 2017

When should the US start to defend itself? After Los Angeles is nuked?

9 Aug 2017 Unless America can be 100% sure that their missile defence system can take down all incoming missiles at a safe distance, they have no option other to attack North Korea now.