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It's the old story of a few wreck it for the rest. Not ideal to ban people from wearing a piece of clothing, even if it is totally ridiculous. However, full face veils allow evil doers to kill and therefore must be banned. Better to give people at least a chance of protecting themselves than worry about upsetting a few weird hat wearers. This is not some far right notation but just ...

French Election
23 Apr 2017

Any predictions for the French Election? Perhaps Le Pen will get in!

General Election
21 Apr 2017

Thanks Gary, but no thanks. We need a lovely clean Brexit, then we won't be held back by the mafia in Brussels any more. The only choice and the right choice is The Conservatives.

27 Mar 2017

Great, I could do with some new shoes.

@ b.o.liking, should be a bank holiday and street parties nationwide.

This country is a total sh*t hole.

I guess he had to order some pizza for the bunker.

Many Cross Country trains have alterations.

Well I'm just looking forward to the new President. Donald Trump is a doer not just all talk, a breath of fresh air compared to the norm.

13 Jan 2017

Also the world will be a much safer place with Donald Trump in power since him and Vladimir are great mates.