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What's the issue?

A good day to invent new cocktails or succumb trying.

Brexit - Part 1
15 Dec 2018

Forget the EU with it's broken economies, we are going global.

EU employee of the month Theresa May says we are leaving but clearly her deal is nothing of the sort. We couldn't really be in a worse mess than if that deal goes through. Has she lost the plot?

Yep. Let's get out asap. There may be an initial cost but we can use loans. It won't take long until we are doing much better than before. We will trade with the world including the EU, but we will remember how they have treated us and that we owe them no loyalty whatsoever. The EU will go down the pan, due to their idiocy. Brexit was caused by the EU, they only have themselves to blame. ... Unexpected hot spots in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) could have been produced by black holes evaporating before the Big Bang. So says a trio of scientists led by mathematical physicist Roger Penrose in a paper presenting new evidence that our universe is just one stage in a ...

Vaping on the NHS
18 Aug 2018

Saw a news article saying the NHS should provide e-cigarettes. 1. I thought the NHS was struggling. 2. Will they provide free beer on the NHS?

So between Brexit food shortage and nice indulgent American grub, we should be able to find a perfect balance. I'd rather have a donut than a croissant any day. However that might explain why I am already obese. Darn!

13 Jul 2018

@burneside , true, so much for 'brexit means brexit'. I'm hoping for a vote of no confidence and then get a new PM. Perhaps Boris and co are waiting to do it after the presidential visit.