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Paul's Posts

I fundamentally don't understand why you want other people to be in control of our country.

22 Mar 2019

Yep, 3 years of this ridiculous remainiac pantomime. Hard brexit, soft brexit, peoples' vote, no food, planes can't land, forced to eat chlorinated chicken, cancer risk increased, etc, etc. What an utter disgrace. Should be very ashamed.

22 Mar 2019

The result was leave. Or have you conveniently cancelled democracy?

22 Mar 2019

Question - "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" Answer - "Leave" There are a lot of sore losers.

22 Mar 2019

er........excuse me. We voted out 3 years ago, May, MPs and the EU have done everything they can to thwart democracy. How can staying in the EU be 'taking back control'?

22 Mar 2019 Brexit delayed by two weeks. Again the EU doing whatever it can to thwart the will of the people. An EU henchman looking very pleased with their underhand tactics.

21 Mar 2019

Major flaw to May's deal is the Northern Ireland backstop. If at anytime the border system (whatever it is) between Northern Ireland and Ireland is deemed not to be working then we have to rejoin customs union and the single market. With this ludicrous plan in place we can never do deals with the rest of the world. No other country can deal with us knowing that any deal can be broken. The ...

End of Democracy
14 Mar 2019

MPs that denied the will of the people who elected them by voting to take no deal off the table. Conservatives (Shameful) Name Constituency Guto Bebb Aberconwy Richard Benyon Newbury Nick Boles Grantham and Stamford Kenneth Clarke Rushcliffe Jonathan Djanogly Huntingdon George Freeman Mid Norfolk Justine ...

Here we go. We are about to find out which MPs are with the people they serve.

12 Mar 2019

Tony Blair, what a little weasel. He was on the Andrew Marr show recently, as usual going on about how great he is. Wake up call Tony, no one likes you.