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It should be and will be Boris. He will get us out of the eu with or without a deal. He doesn't need the approval of MPs as we leave on Halloween anyway. Excellent! And let's start calling it what it really is, this is all about a treaty, it is not a deal.

Nigel Farage
24 May 2019

Who does care about the people?

23 May 2019

The first video posted shows the man speaking for himself. The second video just shows his opponents talking a lot of non-sense and shows some sound bites of him that have been edited to change the context. Nigel Farage for PM.

23 May 2019

A normal descent person who sticks up for the people. Unlike the rest of the UK politicians.

I'm just being objective. I have an open mind, so @majorp , please provide your scientific evidence of climate change. Glad to see our American buddies standing up against tyranny. Well Mr. Trump, there's no room for appeasement.

Sea levels are the same as they have been for years. Humanity's contribution to greenhouses gases is minute. Climate change project fear 'Humans threaten 1m species with extinction' 'Sea levels to rise by x metres' 'etc' Just like Brexit project fear you're being conned. Stop believing and starting thinking for yourselves.

5 May 2019

CO2 / greenhouse gases are needed, otherwise we'd all be freezing. Impossible to measure sea levels, so attributing sea level rise to humans isn't possible. Conclusion, there is no evidence of climate change caused by humans.

3 May 2019

According to the NASA graph the CO2 level has gone up a minute amount since the same time as using direct measurement instead of ice core analysis. And where is the CO2 measurement taken? On top of a CO2 belching volcano. So now we all know climate change really isn't happening.

Just seen Vince Cable on the BBC saying the result shows that people have changed their minds and now want to remain in the EU.

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