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Once again.......I'm not angry. I don't care about you....or for that matter anyone else on here.....because I don't know who they are. All I do is respond to posts. See how that works? As individuals no one on here affects me. I am not SickofIt. You have a very conspiratorial mind.....maybe paranoia? But as I said.... I don't care about you. Perhaps @webmaster could ...

7 Jun 2017

Well done for reporting me. BTW I've never reported you! I don't hide behind any other name than that on my birth certificate. Can you say the same? Troll Child.

7 Jun 2017


7 Jun 2017

No Indy....just couldn't get a word in edgeways between your posts.

No apology to Webmaster for your 5 June 15:32 post then North Devonian?

I should also add (from Wiki): " Two months after the Labour party took office, the Health Secretary , Alan Milburn , announced that "when there is a limited amount of public-sector capital available, as there is, it's PFI or bust". PFI expanded considerably in 1996 and then expanded much further under Labour, resulting in criticism from many trade unions , elements of the Labour Party, ...

7 Jun 2017

Errr........ Didn't we have terrorism in this country before Islamic Jihadist's? The Angry Brigade, the IRA, INLA, in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to name but a few. Please don't forget all the PFIs set up by Labour that we are still paying for. That's where the crisis in Public Services really needs addressing. Never mind re-nationalising the railways, post office, water etc. We need ...

In the table above, why is the Labourite in a larger font than all the others? I think we should be told.

@burneside This says it all really: this is Trolling at its best. Better that after this I just ignore you. Bye.