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The World Wide spread of Covid Strains

18 Feb 2021 09:24

As of 09:20 hrs today. The odd passenger plane ferrying the covid around the world free of charge, nice.


IMG 20210218 091718

18 Feb 2021 10:59

200 of which will be landing at Heathrow alone. Add to that the other airports still operating plus the sea ferry ports and we have if the figures are correct 15,000 people arriving here posibly unchecked every day. Meanwhile the majority of BAs aircraft and others are all grounded at Bournemouth and other regional airfields. Same goes for the dozen or so £20 billion pound cruise ships parked in Torquay bay and around the south coast. Could it be that when the operators like P&O and Cunnard go under the banks will have Asian buyers waiting to snaffel up the ships and aircraft on the cheap. NO NEVER

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19 Feb 2021 09:54

The same today over 7,000 flights mainly passenger planes.

This is just a way of taking what they want at litterally zero cost.

When all the spoils have been divided up and the peasants have been herded into the right areas and conditioned. The ones who do not contribute or do not meet the new economic plan have been sent to slaughter. Then the 1 percent will be happier, so they think.

All over the World people in care homes who have survived  the fakedemic for the last year are dying in their droves a few weeks after taking the vaccine(s}, why?

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19 Feb 2021 23:54

£20,000,000,000 for a cruise ship!!!!

The Queen Mary 2 is the most expensive ever - at a cost of £800,000,000.

Massive exaggeration defeats the argument before it's even begun!


"Fakedemic"!!!! - I've had it. Nothing fake about it.

It's your fake news that's helping to kill people!!!! Shame on you.

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