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HMS PoW is new (was off Carbis Bay for some reason apparently!). The Chinooks have been around for a while though.

I think it's probably SW Water. They're doing a major project in the area separating storm water from foul water. I think it's just a compound for their kit. But be prepped for more housing as they are making more capacity for the sewers.

15 Jun 2021

I don't think you can either....but if TDC can hide behind GDPR they will unfortunately.

Not a chance! :) I don't think I would be looked on very kindly by landowners if I gave the game away by giving local authorities advance notice!

Well, this is my graph up until last Sunday - so make your own minds up:

The first thing that needs to happen is for local councils/local authorities to actually do a decent appreciation of the land that they designate for each purpose (and therefore accurately reflect in the 'Local Plan'). I know of several parcels of land that have been designated for wildlife, coastal protection (some nowhere near the coast) etc where buildings have been in place since the 1950s ...

Don't worry peeps. Teignmouth is being rejuvinated courtesy of your Council Tax and the new build Section 26 or whatever! Phew...thought we were being robbed there but all okay as Teignmouth being sorted! Dawlish is going to have another 1000 homes...but it's okay because Teignmouth is being sorted! I thought resources were being taken away from us like the Walk-Behind road sweeper and ...

It sounds like you've also had enough of Dawlish? Bye then.

Don't really understand why this is 'News'. It's well documented, always seen. We used to play on it as kids.

Hooray! That's what I've been trying to tell you! Now that you understand - Educate yourself.