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Lib dems

25 Nov 2022 14:23

From previous dawlish gazette Alan Connell ? We should try and hold council tax levels,from Alan dewhirst proposal to increase bin charges to allow to recruit more drivers.When will councillors realise they can't keep squeezing the working population, if they were in the private sector they would be sacked as they can't control their budgets (note inclusive of DCC Tory led) If cuts have to be made make them and stop pushing the line about protecting the most vurnable who with benefits can earn more than workers trying to earn a living.Alison hernandace asks in a survey do we want a police presence in the town ,talk about stating the bleeding obvious ,should never have closed in the first place. Wish I had a camera last week to picture police walking the beat in dawlish,however the large group were doing final training exercises so will never be seen again as they wlll be deployed in Plymouth and Exeter.

That's my rant for the day so expect apathy from the voters in this parish......


2 Agrees
29 Nov 2022 00:06

Need to get rid of their 'Stuffed Shirts'.

E.G. What does Cllr Mike James ever do?

I noticed, during a meeting, he was asked to join the group to fight for Dawlish Minor Injuries Unit because he is a Voluntary Director of the Health Care Trust. He clearly forgot he was on camera and buried his head in his hand before replying!!!

Other than collecting committee posts, council posts etc what does he do?

Is the man even genuine?

I believe he went for Governor of the Elm Grove Road school but that was short lived - What did they turn up?

I do hope 'due diligence' has been done.

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