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General Discussion

25 Jun 2021 08:59

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Land Off Exeter Road , Langdon, Dawlish, Devon
Dawlish North East
Construction of a new care home (Use Class C2) together with associated access, car and cycle parking, landscaping, and amenity space provision
Major Application


25 Jun 2021 22:06

Nicely designed attempt to hide the enterance and true identity of Langdon hospital/prison from potential new house buyers. Wasent the original planning concept for this site that the Butler unit had to be retained and coverted into a community faciity with preferance towards a care home. The proposed home would definatly be an asset to the town whillst he rest of the proposed new build wood huts on the same site wont.

Has the local need for housing affordable or not ever been quantified by TDC or central government. Discounting the provision of housing for foriegn nationals, illegal immigrants, diversity imports from the Birmingham area, plus the single parent benifit blaggers etc, What is the real genuine local requirement bet its less than a dozen.

26 Jun 2021 06:22

Don't get too excited about this proposed care home. Just because a planning application is submitted and subsequently given planning consent it doesn't necessarily follow that the consent will be activated.

The care home business was in a financial crisis before Covid. It is in even more of one now. It is not a healthy sector in all senses of that word. 


With regard to the number of new houses needing to be built. This number is determined by central government not local councils and local people.  

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