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General Discussion

22 May 2023

Went to Amelia's at Cofton this morning. £13 for a 'large' breakfast. The 'Portobello Mushroom' was a single mushroom (less than the size of a bean tin lid) cut in half....and you got 1 half! Anything that could be small was (toast, sausages, bacon, hash brown (McCain type). The 'herb roasted tomato' was....well, just a roasted tomato! Took the best part of an hour to arrive. Egg ...

Boots, the Strand.
19 May 2023

Overwhelmed due to the debacle/sale of all Lloyds pharmacies?

Well, from what I know and have seen from the likes of Taylor and James there is absolutely nothing either Liberal nor Democratic about either of them! Teignbridge is also considered one of the most corrupt councils in the country (from public opinion I hear) under their leadership. Great result....not!

5 May 2023

Anyone else get the LibDem guff for SW Dawlish? This makes an interesting read: Mr Benn strikes again!

Thank you. I should add that Dawlish was the ONLY RBL Branch to get involved with this. Indeed, HQ RBL did not even recognise our guys as British soldiers until we were about 3 years into it. Now you can watch them parade proudly passed the Cenotaph in the RBL Remembrance Day parade in London which they have done every year since their acceptance. I'm sure they'll get a TV mention this year.

15 Apr 2023

Some of you may be aware that a campaign has been waged to obtain Right of Abode in the UK for the Hong Kong soldiers and sailors left behind in Hong Kong at the time of the handover to China in 1997. At an early stage, members of Dawlish Branch, The Royal British Legion, became involved and wrote to every MP in the country to highlight this issue - of which the vast majority were completely ...

Up until they were protected (around the mid-70s) it was perfectly possible to control the Gull population. Local people (generally several generations of the same families) would climb the cliffs (especially at Coryton Cove) using long ladders, which were kept on the beach, and collect the eggs which were then sold in local butchers shops. Granted, a young chap I knew broke his neck falling ...

Okay...come on...cough up! Which complete prat has now installed bird and bat boxes along Commons Lane then? Apparently there are so many Cirl Buntings in Dawlish now that we probably need a cull! And as for bats....I believe there's now a movement to rename Dawlish as Gotham City!!!

Dawlish Town Council
15 Feb 2023

Thought that everyone knew this would happen. The previous play park was set on fire at least twice and other vandalism/dangerous littering numerous times. Pointless to build a really good facility there without protecting it with a really good (and copiously signed) CCTV system. Sorry to state 'The Bleedin' Obvious' but it was built by our tax money.

Lib dems
29 Nov 2022

Need to get rid of their 'Stuffed Shirts'. E.G. What does Cllr Mike James ever do? I noticed, during a meeting, he was asked to join the group to fight for Dawlish Minor Injuries Unit because he is a Voluntary Director of the Health Care Trust. He clearly forgot he was on camera and buried his head in his hand before replying!!! Other than collecting committee posts, council posts etc ...

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