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General Discussion

COVID Boosters
7 Nov 2021

"...Neither the CDC nor the FDA stipulate that vaccines must stop transmission of a virus, both stating that a vaccine is a product that stimulates the immune system to produce immunity to an infectious agent..." US Sources. "...Vaccines are a type of prescription-only medicine . Their purpose is to stimulate a person's immune system to produce antibodies that fight a specific disease, ...

What water course? The leat is dry and has been for years.

4 Nov 2021

So Luscombe Estate workers cutting Luscombe Estate trees and putting the off-cuts onto Luscombe Estate land?

Money Grubbing
28 Aug 2021

Covid 19 cases in Dawlish are more than double those at Christmas . This has been exacerbated by the prevalence of 'Staycations' and the like. Should those making the money out of this situation (Holiday Camps, Cafes, Festivals (Powderham comes to mind), Leisure activities etc) put some money, from their bonanza, into funding things like Carnival, Snookyfest, Triathlon, Wildfowl ...

Never hear of some of them. For example, what has Mike James done since he's been a Councillor...apart from being able to say "I'm a Councillor"! Seems to collect committees, governerships etc for a passtime! But does he actually do anything?

You want to see what they're doing to us!!!!

17 Jun 2021

I think it's probably SW Water. They're doing a major project in the area separating storm water from foul water. I think it's just a compound for their kit. But be prepped for more housing as they are making more capacity for the sewers.

15 Jun 2021

I don't think you can either....but if TDC can hide behind GDPR they will unfortunately.

Not a chance! :) I don't think I would be looked on very kindly by landowners if I gave the game away by giving local authorities advance notice!

9 Jun 2021

The first thing that needs to happen is for local councils/local authorities to actually do a decent appreciation of the land that they designate for each purpose (and therefore accurately reflect in the 'Local Plan'). I know of several parcels of land that have been designated for wildlife, coastal protection (some nowhere near the coast) etc where buildings have been in place since the 1950s ...

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