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"Honda said the move was due to global changes in the car industry and the need to launch electric vehicles, and it had nothing to do with Brexit. "

Off course you are.

23 Nov 2019

Ulterior motive at play here, Lynne?

Let's hope the polls are right and Corbyn doesn't get handed the keys to No 10, if he does then big business will flee the country on December 13th.

I think Nigel is putting country before party to ensure there is the best chance of getting the Tories elected so Brexit happens. Tactical voting will be paramount in this election.

11 Nov 2019

That's great news from the BP, it should ensure Wrigley doesn't get anywhere near Westminster, except as a tourist.

9 Nov 2019

With our grossly unfair voting system, and The Brexit Party polling around 10% there is no chance it will form a government, it will be lucky to get a single MP.  We therefore have to accept that there will be no clean Brexit, as much as I would prefer that to happen, and there is going to be a transition with our eventual departure at the end of 2020.  If the Tories can secure a decent majority ...

7 Nov 2019

The Brexit Party will split the Tory vote which will likely ensure the Lib Dumb gets elected, so nobody wins

Well I did predict
19 Oct 2019

17.4 million would disagree with you.  I have been anti the EEC/EC/EU since the day we joined in 1973, I didn't need any  "tax evading billionaires" to convince me to vote for Brexit.  No amont of Soros-funded propaganda will change my mind.

18 Oct 2019

The reason the process of leaving the EU has been so tortuous is because we had a Remain supporting prime minister, aided by a mostly Remain parliament, totally at odds with the wishes of the electorate.  Add to that the countless court actions brought by well-financed anti-Brexit groups and individuals.  Boris has achieved more in three months than Treason May did in three years, and thankfully ...