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"For every extra pound in Tory spending, Labour are promising £28" Projected additional spending: Conservative - £2.9bn Lib Dems - £48.2bn Labour - £82.9bn (not including the waspi pledge) What were you saying about magic money trees?

25 Nov 2019

Labour's pledge to reimburse the women affected by the pension change has been costed at £58 billion, but was not budgeted for in their manifesto. "Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell confirmed that the £58billion price tag for the policy did not appear in Labour’s "fully costed" election manifesto ." ...

Pension funds invest their assets in the kind of companies Labour would destroy, so current and future pensioners will be hit.  Labour is a disaster for the country in every way.

24 Nov 2019

It seems that businesses are far more worried about Jeremy Corbyn than Brexit, two power firms and two water companies have recently moved their ownership overseas to combat the threat of being snatched by the Marxists. Two of the UK’s largest power companies have quietly transferred the ownership of their British operations to offshore companies to protect themselves against Labour’s ...

24 Nov 2019

"Honda said the move was due to global changes in the car industry and the need to launch electric vehicles, and it had nothing to do with Brexit. "

Off course you are.

23 Nov 2019

Ulterior motive at play here, Lynne?

Let's hope the polls are right and Corbyn doesn't get handed the keys to No 10, if he does then big business will flee the country on December 13th.

I think Nigel is putting country before party to ensure there is the best chance of getting the Tories elected so Brexit happens. Tactical voting will be paramount in this election.

11 Nov 2019

That's great news from the BP, it should ensure Wrigley doesn't get anywhere near Westminster, except as a tourist.