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Gays creamery
25 Jul 2021

It's just three weeks to flatten the curve' 'It's just a little longer to protect the NHS' 'It's just until we have a vaccine' 'It's a lockdown to save Christmas' 'It's just until the vulnerable are vaccinated' 'It's just until everyone is vaccinated' 'It's just a vaccine passport' And today: 'It's just an app to monitor your lifestyle' See where this is going?

24 Jul 2021

The mask mandate came into force in England on 24th July 2020, until then few people wore them in shops or on transport, at that point last year covid cases had dropped to record low levels.  The mask mandate made no sense, and mask wearing didn't stop covid returning in the autumn and winter months.  Sheeple can continue to wear masks if they want, and the rest of us will enjoy the fresh air.

24 Jul 2021

How do you explain covid almost being eliminated last June with minimal mask use and no vaccine?  I have never been able to receive an answer to this elephant in the room.

24 Jul 2021

What I do remember is that between March and June last year masks were not required and most people did not wear them in shops or on transport, yet by June cases and deaths had flatlined without a vaccine even in sight.  At that point masks were inexplicably mandated, but they did nothing to prevent cases rising in the autumn and winter, which indicates masks are useless and covid is yet another ...

23 Jul 2021

Why shouldn't people travel to the south west - or anywhere else - for a holiday, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a nice place like Dawlish.  And if there is another lockdown it will either mean billions have been spent on vaccines that don't work, or this is not just about a virus.

23 Jul 2021

People are allowed to travel after 16 months of restrictions, we don't live in North Korea, although it feels like it at times.

And yet the country has just experienced its coldest April for 60 years I also remember in 2000 the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia declared that snow would soon be a thing of the past. And yet...

24 Apr 2021

Hold the front page; Dawlish Town Councillor predicts the end of the world.

Pfizer vaccinations
26 Feb 2021

All those people branded as tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists are being proved right with every passing day.

23 Feb 2021

@leatash What do you mean by a covid status certificate?  Having the vaccine doesn't stop anybody from getting the virus or passing it on to others, hence the government is telling people who have had the vaccine to still abide by all the restrictions.

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