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General Discussion

Steamer On Fire
15 Sep 2014

Can anyone solve this for me. Did Tangmere catch fire yesterday as DB webcam showed flames, unless I am wrong. A couple of comments on  YT said it was a reflection.

The crane has arrived
11 Sep 2014

@Daverc . I believe the second one is in Holland, and will only come here if and when required.

11 Sep 2014

@Mcjrpc . I totally agree with you about the seawall. I thought it was going to be made much higher. It needs to be. But what do I know. I`m not local and I view this through the DB Railway Webcam. I Wish you could do Capitals on here.

@Flo / @Lynne . I can vouch that they have lovely meals there. Not that I am over 60. Well not yet.

4 Sep 2014

@Lynne .You might be interested in this. Reading buses lose £70,000 a year because of the concessionary scheme. There figures not mine. To compensate for this they have put fares up by a big amount, actual amount was not given. The only other choice they had was to cut services drastically. That they did not want to do. My  local tv regional news programme was my source here.

Font size shrank
3 Sep 2014

@Dorian . If you are using IE10 then go up to top right and there is a cog wheel which is settings. Click on that and then click on zoom and you can customise your font size. Click on customise and it goes up in increments of one`s. If your using google chrome on top right there are 3 bars, next to yellow star, on top of each other. click on that and click on zoom. it goes up in bigger ...

Dawlish web cam
6 Aug 2014

On the Dawlish Beach webcam, I and quite a few others saw a Man,Woman, pushing a pram/pushchair,  2 children who went near to tracks. This webcam saw them coming towards Dawlish. Apparently you can see this on DB Facebook page. This Is something I would never do.

3 Aug 2014

@ALLEMS , @Djedwards1961 . The price is £1 a week, £2 a month and £20 a year. As I am not local It Is the only way to see trains, etc.etc.

@ Andysport . I totally agree with BB and Cassandra post and I would come on here now and again. Just read the posts for the time being.

@Judith Chalmers . I  think I  mentioned this before but even though I`m not local nobody said a word. OOPS, sorry I  better go I `m not local so I`ll dissappear. lol.

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