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Leatash's kind of system was adopted in parts of Germany years ago and not only plastic but most of the packaging. People would take their supermarket shopping out to the car park in the trolley, and in their car they would have re-usable containers like cake tins. They would remove all but the essential packaging and leave it behind in the trolley for the supermarket to deal with.  I believe the ...

What peope do with their own property and that includes houses is their own business, and fake news DevonLive and local councillors need to keep their noses out. On the other hand what local authorities do with their properties is of public interest so this story needs re-targeting.

@Lynne - short memory there as you where the one that brought the illegal occupancy of the said properties to light. as for proving it, as it was done behind closed doors you would have to get hold of tdcs accounts and i doubt even the inland revenue would be able to make sense of them

7 Jan 2018

Paid for with dirty money recieved from a major housing developer in exchange for a get out clause to avoid building affordable houses and provide additional infrastructure, and to avoid the original planing clause restricting occupancy of the new propertes until stuitable SANGS was in place. Wasnt the figure about £4,000 per house paid directly to the corrupt district council.

Seems there could be more to this with regard to Sunday parking charges. It has now become clear that TDC have decided to call a halt to the Sunday car boot sales at the cattle market car park in Newton Abbot. This would imply that a full return to Sunday parking charges on all TDCs car parks is on the cards via the back door. As said before Teignbridge councillors cannot be trusted, and the ...

Magic @ magic the hand car wash - Shutterton can do airport runs call in to discuss

After previous discussions relating to the lawn and several FOI requests. Has anyone yet seen written evidence showing TDCs ownership of this piece of land. Appreciate that they may have a duty to maintain the lawn using council funds but thats not in question. Do they actually own the land?

Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

What an absolute load of PC crap being blown up out of all proportion. This is supposed to be a country of free speech but it seems everytime this freedom of expression is used some arsehole in the background mutters racist. Get a grip people. We should be supporting our elected MP not agreeing with the idiots in westminster that dont give a shit about anyone or anything outside of London and the ...

The ideal place for a park is surerly down the Warren, not in the middle of the town centre. These never ending campaigns by various groups to ruin the lawn need to cease. The lawn is for the use of ALL the people of Dawlish and its visitors and not just individual groups of people with specific self interested needs. A really special park could be built on he Warren, safe from traffic, noise ...

and this is how TDC spend our money. How will they hide such a payment on the official accounts which should be made available to public scrutiny. Time for the rest of the senior management team to follow Bulbeck and leave