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Snow in Teignbridge
13 Jan 2017

Council Tax set to rise as TDC make emergency snow plough investment

Operation Stack
4 Jan 2017

Apparently there is a new collection point just outside the front doors of Forde House. Comments noted from members of TDC staff include the bin men do a really good job considering its such a thankless task. Maybe they dont get paid as much as Ms Bullneck hence their lack of job satisfaction.

17 Dec 2016

Japanese rules - no proof of parking permit from local authority at your property then car ownership registration not permitted at that address. Better still force developers including those doing flat conversions to provide at least one off road parking space for each bedroom created.

The key to running a sucessful public bus service on a semi rural service such as the hop 2 route has to be flexibility. There is no way a fully timetabled service will work to provide profitability and at the same time cut out wasteage. Stagecoach know full well what times of day and night they need to provide service and how many vehicles they need on the road to cover this. Its local government ...

10 Dec 2016

It would be interestimg to know from Stagecoach just exactly how bad the financial figures are. Outside of the holiday season does anyone actually pay to travel on the hop 2 service. Ive only ever seen it full of school children or OAPs both of which get free passes. Maybe a re-think on the timetable is justified. What about a dual system of one timetabled bus every hour and one on kind of standby ...

9 Dec 2016

Now you know why the councils have spent millions on cycle paths. So they can reduce the subsidies on buses and trains. Makes perfect sense to a civil servant, build 1000s of new homes with no new infrastructure or local employment, then cut out the public transport to the places were there are jobs and shops etc. Next news will be the railway moving out to sea and trains no longer stopping at ...

Could it Happen?
3 Dec 2016

The only place he's going is behind bars. Him and a few other traitors. Roll on Donalds first visit as president next year

I want them behind bars for treason

Trump vs Hillary
9 Nov 2016

Its happening folks, president Trump, president Putin, Brexit, next year Marine le Pen and 70% of Germans wanting Merkel out. Add in the Polish, Hungerian views. GOT THE PICTURE YET. Its time the so called experts and the self interested elite got off and listened to the democratic view of the people

8 Nov 2016

Got to be Trump the benifits will be good for our country as well. With Clinton nothing changes and it will be her husband running the US again as she is just the mouth. Plus I want to see Trump burst the bubble and get Hilary behind bars as he claims she should be

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