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Excellent news with todays events Farmers Markets selling locally grown good quality produce are a brilliant way of improving the countries self surficiency. What better way to show the supermarkets that imported food from 1000s of miles away is not a sustainable option. May your project grow and prosper and help make the planners at Teignbridge realise what our green fields should really be used ...

Independence Day
24 Jun 2016

@MV With only 12 hours since you and the other losers were officially informed of the result, how have you been informed that your pension fund as been adversly affected. Seems your hysterically spouting crap again. Do you honestly believe that any pension fund worth its salt would invest and risk its members funds on the footsie 100. Seriously the FT100 is just a training ground for rich ...

24 Jun 2016

@Lynne Stick your dummy back in, pick your toys up, and carry on with the good work you usually do. Just remember its only a game

24 Jun 2016

Hey Lynne do you want a lift to the airport

Nicola Sturgeon is the next Traitor we need to shut up. Our Queen needs to have a word in her ear

Its not the governments responsibility to back up the house building industry. Like the car builders, miners, steel workers, ship builders and general manufacturing industries. If they cannot conduct their businesses in a profitable manner and have surficient resources to train the staff they need, then they go down the pan with all the others. They got greedy and replaced British workers with ...

Yes I did mean ideology Im working class and not great at spelling and gramma. I think the answer to your question is pretty simple Im a Christian in a Christian country and enjoy a somewhat civilised lifestyle where my wife and daughters have equal rights and freedoms. I dont like to see our countries assets and benifits given away to third world uncivilised countries who do nothing to better ...

24 Jun 2016

The idiots are on the losing side. Yes racist but only against Muslims and their idiology, not the europeans, americans  and others that I have worked and lived with in the past for many years

24 Jun 2016

@S What a shame that the upper class who can afford to deal stocks and shares etc made the wrong decision and have probably lost millions. Serves them right. As the leading pollitical heads are now admitting they have paid the price for not listening to the ordinary people. As for those who's only defence was to call the leavers racist Madam Le Penn is calling for a similar referendum in ...

24 Jun 2016


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