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@Lynne Definatly TDC as they own Lanherne Site and use Teign housing to manage it

22 Apr 2016

@roberta More to the point where have TDC got the money from once again to spend on minority required, non-urgent work on such a scale. Also why is it expected to take 6 months to demolish a wall which any major demolition comany would be expected to have down over a weekend sure Gilpin Demolition could handle the job.

As usual answer to question totally dodged. The question refered to the number of LOCAL people/families, i.e. local being already in Dawlish. What it does prove though is that Dawlish is expected to be the main provider of affordable homes, not only for its own local people but for the entire district of Teignbridge and posibly beyond as we offten hear rumurs of housing association property in ...

21 Apr 2016

Can anyone involved in this thread please give an upto date fiqure for the exact number of local families currently living in Dawlish that are actually wanting or waiting for an affordable house. Taking into account that they are local Dawlish people and can realistically afford to buy or live in such a property. The point being if there is no local demand why should a developer be blackmailed ...

I hereby request our town council to identify the highway planner responsible for the absolutly stupid changes made to the main A379 being the only main route into and out of Dawlish around the junction with Elm Grove Road, and to instigate an official request for that persons immediate resignation on the grounds of total incompetence. The modifications made are unsafe and are contary to the ...

16 Apr 2016

what are these works for, more road narrowing and removal of bus pull ins. Or actual urgent maintance

@Gary Taylor Admire your decision to comment on here, so perhaps you would like to add your opinion as to why 4 out of our 5 district councillors cant respond to a simple e-mail containing 3 straight foward questions for them to answer. Respect to the one that did Rosalind Prowse however even she very cleverly dodged giving direct answers to the questions. Absolute disgracefull show of ...

The two are totally seperate issues with the only connecting reference being the link road. The trouble with Alisons petition is that on April 5th DA2 will be passed without question by TDC as they have to much to loose by rejecting it and there will be no insistance on developers to finance a new road which will make it dead in the water. By placing a vehicle weight restiction on every posible ... This one also now works and allthough it wont change the plan to use Sandy lane it will restrict the vehicle size to something like a transit van which is totally useless when you have to move 1000s of tonnes of materials and equipment. Please sign Works now please sign, at least if sucessful they wont be able to use theses roads for anything bigger than a transit pick up thanks

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