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General Discussion

16 Apr 2016

what are these works for, more road narrowing and removal of bus pull ins. Or actual urgent maintance

@Gary Taylor Admire your decision to comment on here, so perhaps you would like to add your opinion as to why 4 out of our 5 district councillors cant respond to a simple e-mail containing 3 straight foward questions for them to answer. Respect to the one that did Rosalind Prowse however even she very cleverly dodged giving direct answers to the questions. Absolute disgracefull show of ...

The two are totally seperate issues with the only connecting reference being the link road. The trouble with Alisons petition is that on April 5th DA2 will be passed without question by TDC as they have to much to loose by rejecting it and there will be no insistance on developers to finance a new road which will make it dead in the water. By placing a vehicle weight restiction on every posible ... This one also now works and allthough it wont change the plan to use Sandy lane it will restrict the vehicle size to something like a transit van which is totally useless when you have to move 1000s of tonnes of materials and equipment. Please sign Works now please sign, at least if sucessful they wont be able to use theses roads for anything bigger than a transit pick up thanks

26 Mar 2016

This is just becoming a round and round joke now TDC planning either tell the developers once and for all, no houses until the road is built and the new sewarage system is commisioned or they risk losing their jobs. Why should we pay their wages if they arent acting in our best interests. Have mentioned before that  Nicola Bulbeck, Jeremy Christophers, Simon Thornley and others need to be replaced ...

24 Mar 2016

Re - DA2 framework document. Just recieved the following via a customer from Simon Thornley. Confusing or what. Thank you for your email to Nicola Bulbeck, she has asked me to reply direct to you in relation to the DA2 Development Framework Plan issue. Firstly, thank you for your interest in the matter, and I hope that I can answer the points to your satisfaction. ...

24 Mar 2016

Would appear that either TDC have a problem with their e-mail server, or the civil servants and councillors who's wages and expenses we all pay dont wish to communicate on the subject of the Dawlish framwork plan. Or maybe there all at college learning basic maths, so that next year they can at least calculate the council tax correctly. More likely to be at a free lunch put on by the underhand ...

23 Mar 2016

I give up, no matter what you try its never good enough for some people

23 Mar 2016

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