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France go to the polls next year to elect their next president and Madam Le Pen currently enjoys 58% of the poll. Her first policy will be an EU in or Out referendum which of course will be out given the current state of the country. If Germany oust Merkel as well the EU is finished. So if we vote in it will be us Sweden the eastern block and Turkey left to pick up the pieces. The only ...

@MV No these are new rules for this years claims 2016 . The actual form in addition to the standard claim form  is six pages long contains 13 sections plus the standard name address sort of questions, and would take well over a day to complete in order to provide all the information they require. Unfortunatly this one is not about benifit cheats this is about new rules that clearly ...

7 Jun 2016

Has anyone fallen victim of the new rules for claiming Tax credits if your self employed. Apparently if you dont run your business the way the government expect you to then your claim will not be accepted. These are some of the new business rules. you have to have a customer list, produce consice sales invoices, or official contracts with customers or CIS payslips A list of suppliers, proof ...

Official response from Redrow Homes "We have already responded to your concerns and provided you with all the information we can. If you require further information, please refer to the planning department at Teignbridge District Council." Back handers for sure, seems they may have paid around £4,500 per house to get out of providing SANGS, which now means TDC have to provide.

30 May 2016

Looking like Redrow along with others are getting away with doing what they like on the basis that TDC wont risk a court battle to stop them. Sainsburys/Millwoods all over again.  Something has to be done this time or it sets the precident for the Gatehouse/Langdon developments

29 May 2016

On the subject of Redrow I thought is was clear cut that none of their houses could be occupied until the issue over the provision of SANGS had been resolved. I see no SANGS but I do see folk moving into new houses Was this issue over looked with the extra payments to TDC via the back closed door or was that something different

Sure its a great event for those lucky enough to be there, but the fact remains that someone has over estimated the turn out and in turn involved us the local tax payer in unnessesary expense and inconvienence. Leisure centre closed for no reason, equipment hire, bus hire and the staff to cover, all have to be paid for. Medioca performances from all but SIGMA. Meghan Trainor was rubbish and ...

28 May 2016

Great example of how the big weekend has benifitted the council tax payers of Dawlish. Not one bit Devon County Council stitch up

Where are these dogging sites and do you need to book in advance, and are VW T4/T5 camper vans allowed. Maybe TDC should licence them.

Maybe not as old as above but it seems the old Kools nightclub in Teignmouth is about to re-open with 70s 80s revival nights should be good for a giggle permed hair and platform shoes. Cant wait to here the old glam rock again from Slade, Mud, the sweet and many more

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