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Nelson's Posts

not well said @Andysport . i hope the customer service at your new business is better than that demonstrated in this thread!!

22 Aug 2012

well said @Andysport and @Philip .

Thank You & Well Done
21 Aug 2012

Would that be a good thing or a bad thing ( or a bit of both )?

19 Aug 2012

Well said Carer.

Blues Brothers crossed with Village People crossed with Billy Ray Cyrus!  I don't want to kick a man who's down, but will someone please call the fashion police! :-)

17 Aug 2012

Thanks for changing the thread title. Hopefully tonight will be a great night - fingers crossed for everyone who have made great efforts.

16 Aug 2012

Shouldn't this thread be titled "Procession NOT Cancelled"???! I can only guess where this rubbish rumour started!

Mackerel Competition
16 Aug 2012

What sort of rice?  Medium Grain (bog standard), Long Grain (such as basmati), Short Grain (such as arborio for Risotto), Jasmine (Thai), Brown or Wild? For plain rice, using a rice steamer (e.g. Jamie At Home has a great one in its catalogue), is a verrrrry simple way to make the perfect rice time after time. :-)

I too feel terribly, terribly sorry for the poor old art dealers!

14 Aug 2012

Believe you me, if you missed the Opening Ceremony and coverage of the fantastic sporting  events from Day 1 cycling road race to Day 15 modern pentathlon, then you certainly missed a treat. I know plenty of non-sports lovers who have been inspired by the last few weeks and months (starting with the torch relay), but obviously there will always be a few who are determined not to enjoy themselves.