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Nelson's Posts

You are not allowed to shoot gulls - on your own land or otherwise!!!

Name and shame??? I'm all for it, but not everyone round here likes it - even when reproducing published convictions on here, so imagine the furore!!!!

Threads like this in the 'News' section don't appear on the home page...

@Brooklyn Bridge . i've just found out that 60 million, yes 60 million, britons could move to another eu country if they wanted!!!!!!!!!!  and, of course, we all will won't we? give your head a wobble eh?

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
30 Dec 2012

Sorry to disagree, but the Brook lights were working prior to the flood.  The black swan lights by the viaduct haven't been switched on in the 18 months I've been here. I would be interested to know when these mythical "former glories" ever existed!  Just reading the 10, 25, 50 years ago column every week in the Gazette shows that people round here have always been complaining about ...

30 Dec 2012

Re. the lights along the brook - it may have escaped your notice but they were submerged but a few weeks ago!  Once waters finally subside, I'm sure that they'll be tested and, if safe, turned back on. The Strand renewal will help breathe new life into the town, and this is just one element of the ongoing regeneration that is slowly but surely taking place. By the way, both the town council and ...

@leatash .  well put. the people here who are quick to moan are always slow to offer assistance.

Lynne - from the excellent TDC website: Christmas cards can be recycled as part of your household collection by placing it in your black recycling box, but please make sure there are no cards containing foil or synthetic materials which are not made of paper/thin card. Many charity shops operate Christmas card collections to help raise money.

Christmas Day Dinner
22 Dec 2012

Great to see that this is being done AGAIN this year. Plenty of lonely people in Dawlish will really appreciate this. Merry Christmas.

Fuel Rip Off
21 Dec 2012

When did @wondering return to Dawlish?  Welcome back! @cheftallyrand - Lloyd Maunders in our LOCAL Strand also have some very good offers that my purse and my tummy can both heartily recommend. :-)