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Nelson's Posts

@ZIGGY . thanks for that, i'll look out for it next time i'm walking up that way. :-)

3 Oct 2012

@stephen15 . you need to ask first great western. @ZIGGY . where is this park adjacent to marine garage? do you mean the copse?

30 Sep 2012

Sainsbury's all the way. If you wish to drive to Exeter or Teignmouth to save a few pennies, that's your choice, but for me Sainsbury's Dawlish provides excellent service, quality, and prices. I think you'll find that Morrisons provides only 1 of those 3 criteria - though price of course might be the only important criteria to a lot of people.

Good to see that this has almost been completed, and that its a proper resurfacing job rather than than just the thin scattering of road chippings that I feared. Granted that its not before time, but well done for doing the job properly.

It's visiting all branches, as Sainsbury's were the sponsors of the 2012 Paralympics. Well done to them and to all Paralympians, everyone of whom was truly inspirational. I've been fortunate enough to hold an Olympic torch, and I'm grateful to Sainsbury's for providing the opportunity for me to hold a Paralympic torch too!!!

That article is a year out of date Flo.

@stephen15 , that 15-year-old girl is now a 24-year-old woman!!  Look at the date of the original posting that @jools88 dredged up. A quick Google search indicates that, of course, there've been no 'credible' sightings of Great White Sharks in Devon waters.

The best chippy is Rock & Sole on Strand Hill - naff name but great fish & chips!!! Mei Lai (nowhere near the town centre) is def the best chinese takeaway in and around Dawlish. The best curryhouse (eat-in or takeway) by far is Gurkhas on Park Road, whilst if you fancy an eat-in meal then look no further than Jack Sprats on The Strand. Enjoy!

24 Sep 2012

@izzywizzy . daytime or evening takeaway?  hot food or cold?

10 Sep 2012

Why is your son looking at 3 bed semi's? To answer your question, I'd buy a house at Sandpipers, as it's a cracking little development.