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Looks like the Town Council is trying to prevent the sea wall works from happening...

Teignbridge Planning Committee approved the application this morning. The Lib Dems led by Martin Wrigley tried to defer it but lost 6-10. What's really strange, that when approval 'as set out' was moved after deferral was lost, the whole committee voted unanimously in favour (16-0) which included all the lib dems ?!

Now published on the Town Council's website here:

No idea - but it would appear that Teignbridge has allocated funds for a play park which would suggest they believe one may be coming forward in the not too distant future?

15 Mar 2019

Teignbridge have approved an allocation of £75K in their recently approved budget for 'provision for Dawlish play space flagship provision (S106)'. Bid44 - top of page 4 of the below link

Planning application:

I believe what is being referred to is the application submitted for the new bandstand / cultural pavilion, which included plans for a play park... See this webpage Click Documents relating to this application available here go to page 6, and then click on ...

Recordings are obvioulsy useful but minutes, I thought, were meant to simply record decisions on a particular item of business and are not meant to be reports or verbatim of what was / wasn't said by councillors, other than distirct and town councillor reports.  I also think I read somewhere that they should be as short as is consistent with clarity and accuracy; in addition they are less likely ...

29 Jul 2011

TDC now list which polling stations have been allocated to the various streets in Dawlish & Newton Abbot - they also have a nifty google map showing the location of said polling stations: