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otterale1's Posts

this is for huwmatthews2 if you decide to have an entry fee,and wondering how to police it ask the r.b.l.riders club,as it will be in house and you all support the same thing so no fee to be found im sure,grt bunch of bikers,just a thought,

Bill Millin
8 Oct 2012

Bad show by top table,now lost faith in RBL,seems they take your money an spend it on something else, not why i for the person that complained hope they never needs help,as you have just messed it up,(prick)

hi all back for party in the park great time etc.lets face it if you got so much grievance why dont you target the firms in question instead of bitchin like a lot of silly school girls its good to have a chouse if the people dont use these stores then the prob will go away,but we all want a bargain so it aint goner happen.if your local shops want our custom then they have to work harder to get ...

think you may be right but wanted to tax my car and they dont do it.have to wait till i get back home.

13 May 2011

yet another day of waiting in this place waited for over half an hour been quicker to deliver it myself what a bloody shambles.

hi flo web site hope this helps

30 Apr 2011

hi flo its being put on by the british legion.4 or 5 bands from jazz to rock.its on the british legion web site.

Good to see new interests in this town,as for those that have run it have to work even harder to keep it,a cycle path is very good for the locals and keeps them outer my way when on the road safer all roll on the pedestrion town siting outside in weather you get here lovly again safer all stop moaning an embrace change that way we will all benifit.

For all your complaints email , this is hr department.Your post office is going to be longer queues.the postoffice is owned by the royal mail if you want to go further.