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Duckileaks' Posts

I was told September sometime, can't exactly remember the date but the Manor office should be able to tell you.

For the information of Margaret - their are a lot more people than perhaps she realises that use the Sandy Lane toilets, I've seen coach drivers, driving instructors, taxi drivers, various white van men, parents of children using the play park, etc etc. May not be as many as use the ones above but there were valid reasons to keep Sandy Lane, just as there are valid reasons to keep them both. ...

Thank you Roberta

27 May 2015

Roberta, some people read the 'Dailyfail' and can still think for themselves. Sweeping generalisations don't really promote a point of view any more than Paul's idea that all people claiming benefits are work-shy layabouts.

Bye Bye EU
24 May 2015

Sorry Paul, I'm not being awkward I genuinely would like to know why you feel that way. I don't think that's enough of a reason to leave the EU. i don't know which way to think on this issue and have no idea which way I'll vote when the referendum happens.

23 May 2015

Why's that?

I'm not saying that money spent in Exeter will not benefit some of Dawlish's residents. But let's be realistic about this.  The affordable housing is brilliant, it will attract young families whose children need educating.  The starter homes will attract 1st time buyers who will have children who need educating, see where I'm going with this? On top of the many new homes that have been ...

20 May 2015

Yes but it isn't all going locally, £143,000 at Countess Wear (that's not Dawlish) and £172,000 for indoor sporting activities- doubt that you could spend that much in Dawlish! So, we get the houses and the additional traffic, fair enough people have to live somewhere and it's nice here but all the money should stay in this area, what about paying towards all the extra school places that will ...

I'm sad to see that Mary Lowther didn't get a seat.  She is hard working and would have made a good councillor.

Ros Prowse, former Mayor (for all that's really worth!)