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Duckileaks' Posts

Only what they glean from Facebook....

9 Aug 2018

Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane 1996, shoots and kills 17 people, 16 of them children Michael Ryan, Hungerford 1987, shoots and kills 16 people, and died himself Hyde Park, 1982, IRA blow up and kill 11 people Enniskillen, 1987, IRA blow up and kill 12 people Are you spotting my theme here? Not one of the perpetrators wore a hijab, niqab or burka or professed to be Muslim, if fact quite ...

Thanks Flo - I've completed it

30 Jul 2018

Does anyone have a link to the Survey Monkey survey? Can't see one on the Town Council website

Tourists toilets
20 Jul 2018

No they would have left because they don't generally transport the dead, they are a resource for the living

Bob Vicary says 'This will reduce the space available for the funfair and lawn events' That'll happen wherever a play park is put, not really a useful comment to help make a decision.

The leat runs from the pond at the end of the Newhay and behind lots of houses in the Bartons, also Plantation Terrace. Lots of private properties. If you want more info then contact Cllr Val Mawhood, she spent many, many hours looking at the Leat once the project of the wheel was started. The wheelwright who over-saw the restoration said that the building would not support the vibrations of ...

16 Jun 2018

majorp - The leat runs through a lot of private properties and is not always maintained by them, one person diverted to feed into his fishpond, one other got it diverted into a culvert by TDC because it 'flooded' his basement, the pond on Luscombe Castle that fed it was also not always maintained and the water diverted from there too.  So that's just some of the reasons that the leat is not ...

The Stars & Stripes
23 Apr 2018

And do you really trust him to get rid of his weapons, or not to change his mind about inspections, or to try to hide some, or to try to haggle keeping some 'just in case'? He comes over as a petulant child whose whims have to be adhered to regardless of how ridiculous or damaging, rather like the orange faced, misogynistic, small-handed buffoon you admire.

23 Apr 2018

Little bit simplistic surely, how has he fixed the problem? North Korea still has the same leader and his sycophants, it still routinely indoctrinates it's population in anti-west propoganda, people still starve, people still get executed etc etc, not fixed. The issue of 'whose balls are biggest' is just for show. North Korea puts on a show of missile testing, the West sabre-rattles for a ...