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I think he means the travellers site at Haldon

Fireworks postponed
1 Nov 2014

There is a big sign by the field where the firework display was to have taken place saying that they are postponed due to the weather forecast for this evening. Don't know if they will be on a different date.

Can't abide that Verity statue in Ifracombe. The trouble with this proposed statue is that the artist isn't famous enough for it to become a draw, it will just become an eyesore.

24 Sep 2014

We all have our own ideas of what constitutes art - that's not mine!

For crying out loud, I'm getting thoroughly sick of a certain Cllr who takes every opportunity she can to find something to distance herself from decisions made by the Town Council and have a dig at the rest of the council at the same time, especially if it involves Cllrs Clayson and Vickery. Now whilst I don't agree with everything the Council do, and frequently I don't agree with anything ...

Airshow 2014
26 Aug 2014

Dorian is spot on

25 Aug 2014

@Piratekev no that rope was not official, that caused problems for the marshals.

The Apache, the police helicopter and one other were there!

Guess the rent!!!
13 Aug 2014

£650 per month

Well I for one don't intend to change my user name, this is the first time that I can remember directly challenging another user here. I feel better for doing so too.  Too long have I sat and observed, this may be the start of a new, more engaged Duckileaks..... or it may not, I may just carry on in my usual way. After all, there's more to life than this ol' load of rollocks.

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