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Is the appeal declining?  Enough people seem to be flooding here to live in the new houses.

The lady on Facebook said they didn't recognise the owner I think but the dog was a staffie called Dougie.  She's asked for people to ask around to see if they know who it is.

There's always your boot ...

What a lovely idea. Wish my kids were going enough, they'd have loved it. There's some great activities for kids. The leisure centre in particular runs some great sessions.

There's some worrying points in this article.  Councillors who don't seem up to the job.

Exeter Road
12 Mar 2018

Lots of complaints have been made about the bad management of this to DCC. It's appalling really, you'd think by watching them that they have no idea how to resurface a road or use traffic lights.

11 Mar 2018

Nothing on the water fowl page. Probably the best place to ask.

1 Mar 2018

Our postie still had his shorts on today!

Pics 22 02 2018
25 Feb 2018

I've been told its TDC. They are going to let me know what the cleansing team say.

23 Feb 2018

thanks @ZIGGY , i've reported the mess.

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