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If we had sent MEPs that actually went in the first place we wouldn't be in this mess

@burneside that made me laugh " keep an eye on what the enemy is up to" I picture Alf Garnett saying whatever you write lol

Dodgy colder callers
11 Apr 2019

Any religious callers get the short answer "I'm an atheist", that usually gets them moving. Only had one say "have you read the bible?" to which I said "Yes that's why I'm an atheist" :-D Thanks for the heads up on the jewellery @Paul

Why am I not surprised burneside is a Daily Mail reader?

10 Apr 2019

He's right though

10 Apr 2019

David Schneider ARGUMENTS BREXITERS NO LONGER MAKE: £350m a week for NHS Turkey about to join EU Parliamentary sovereignty (MPs = traitors obvs) Boost for economy Global, prosperous Britain (now not likely for 50 years at least) ONLY ARGUMENT THEY STILL MAKE: Will of the people 3 years ago

It's not pettiness. It would be interpreted the wrong way. Who in the US would know that Come On You Whites is a Fulham chant?

We can agree that the Government has let us down and most MPs are just in it for their own interests and not representing the people as they claim to be.

" white country" says a lot about you @burneside "I am so privileged and really don't deserve anything I have achieved." it has nothing to do with what you have achieved or deserve. Let's hope for a very localised asteroid impact!

The UK is still a democracy. It was a non-legally binding referendum that the current government promised to adhere to the result. We get to vote them out in the next general election. If it wasn't a democracy you wouldn't be getting that chance.

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