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Carer's Posts

Thank you Ma'am for being a wonderful monarch. May you rest in peace.

The linked story was dated 28 June 2022!!! A bit late putting it on here.

Wasn't a by-pass proposed about 30 years ago  and the villagers said they didn't want it?

Looking after the shareholders and their dividends. All down to the Thatcher government (dictatorship) in the 80's, where Great Britain was put up for sale, inc Water, Transport, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms etc. PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE. All the industries that you all complain about but you still vote for them. is a good choice, from Google Mail. Easy to use and set up.

Looks like a Westland Merlin, mainly used by the Navy.

What happened to the promise by Bozo (on his brexit campaign) that there will be lots of money spent on training up thousands of nurses? Pie in the sky as always!!!

Many congrats Richard, and for a great cause also!!!

Hi there. The 'Lancaster' had just done a trial run for it's appearance at the Torbay airhow the next day. It was good of the crew to do a circuit over Dawlish on their way back to Exeter airport.

Hoping everyone has/had a great day. Congrats to HM the Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Thank you for being our wonderful monarch.