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Does anyone know a door fitter who can fit a revolving door asap? Please apply to 10 Downing Street.

WHAT mini budget? Looks like the tories will be looking for new jobs soon. What a complete and utter shambles they are!!!

Barton Surgery
12 Oct 2022

"You should contact the pharmacy to find out if your medication is ready to collect. " From experience, give it 2 weeks then it might be ready!!!

@burneside A friend of mine has had a lot of trouble with his ears/hearing and was told by his doctor to have his ears syringed. This he did, but had to PAY £70 for the privilage!!!

I suppose that teenage single mums with a couple of kids will be getting priority.

Had a look at it and it looks great. Well done to the sculptor.

"Hello Mum, I've smashed my phone so text me on my new number". This is a common scam and the number given is 07459 209709, originating from 07925 686638 .

Thank you Ma'am for being a wonderful monarch. May you rest in peace.

The linked story was dated 28 June 2022!!! A bit late putting it on here.

Wasn't a by-pass proposed about 30 years ago  and the villagers said they didn't want it?