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Carer's Posts

I'm not talking about being locked up. Wearing a mask does help, and it seems 90% of the population seem to have trouble with the mechanics of wearing one.

19 Mar 2022

So much for Bozo relaxing/ending restrictions!! Anything for votes, stuff those getting ill and dying.

19 Mar 2022

It's not rocket science as to why!!!

Mmmmmm. Can't wait. Hope it is a success.

@Lynne All very well but there is so much farmland now earmarked for housing and solar power, so where are we going to plant more crops?

Sounds like a normal night in our wonderful town!!!

Frightening. Putin is a bully and the biggest threat to world peace. He is NOT interested in diplomacy and only interested in what HE thinks is right.

What a complete idiot.

How sad and how irresponsible of the dog owner to allow this. Thanks for posting.